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”News” Anchor Megyn Kelly Trashes Joy Behar For Limbaugh Wedding Comment

Reported by Priscilla - June 9, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly is supposed to be part of Fox’s "fair and balanced" "news" line-up. Joy Behar is on “The View” – an opinion show. Yet, Kelly devoted part of her “news” show, this week, to criticizing Joy Behar for making snide comments about how Elton John performed at the wedding of Rush Limbaugh, a four times married, Viagra taking, family values guy who isn’t exactly a fan of teh gay. It’s not surprising that Megyn Kelly defended Rush against the evil, librul comedienne/commentator Behar who is reviled by right wing men because she is opinionated, anti-religious, and pro-choice. In their world it’s OK for women to be opinionated (Coulter, Ingraham, Malkin, who, while commentators, aren’t officially comediennes) as long as you are sufficiently right wing, Christian, love “babies,” and hate libruls – just like Megyn Kelly who is now using her “news” time to talk trash about another woman for her opinion. Gotta love those right wing “family values!”

HT Mediaite

Kelly’s chyron wasted no time in defining the topic: “The View” Slams Elton John’s Limbaugh Wedding Performance.” Kelly described Rush Limbaugh's marriage to his “long time girlfriend” (actually, they’ve been dating for only six months) as "happy times" with Sir Elton John as part of the entertainment. In a truly ROFLMAO moment Kelly said, “while tolerance and respect were on display at the wedding” (rarely on exhibit on Fox “News”) “those qualities were missing from some over at “The View” this morning.” Behar stated the obvious – “that Limbaugh is not exactly pro gay and Elton is a gay activist in many ways." Whoppi Goldberg said that John is married to another man. (He’s not, he has a British civil union) Former Fox opinion gal, E.D. Hill (looking good!) noted that Elton had often said that gay marriage isn’t sensible thus his activism is “kind of odd…” Behar joked that if she were Rush’s she “would be suspicious of Rush marrying me for my wallet and Elton John performing for my wallet.” Sherri Shepherd mentioned something about “making a million dollars.” Conservative Elizabeth Hasslebeck said “this is a problem that we are experiencing through society is that people only want to be with the like.” She continued “OK, so, you think like me, you hang with me; you don't think like me, you don't hang with me' -- that's an issue -- why is that such a bad thing?" (Yeah, Liz, if you’re gay you might be uncomfortable with a bunch of Christian evangelicals who think you’re going to hell). Behar replied that greed could be a factor because “people will do things for money.”

When the video ended, Kelly, looking peeved, said “well, Joy Behar wasn’t there. I was and” (in her best nyah, nyah voice while shifting her position) “I can tell you that Elton John had nothing but nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh and the happy couple and said he’s all about tearing down walls and bulding bridges and even invited the happy couple to come visit him and his partner in London.” She flashed her best pearly whites and said “congrats to Rush and Kathy.”

Comment: The Limbaugh wedding was grist for late night comics. Bill Maher joked that the guests “instead of throwing rice,” the guests should have thrown Vicadins.” So why was Kelly singling out Joy Behar? Oh, I know, she was playing to the “base” in defending beloved Republican leader, Rush Limbaugh, from that nasty, evil, librul woman. I guess newsie Kelly doesn’t care about opinion from the gay community where there is “sharp criticism and controversy.” If she were “fair and balanced,” she might have noted that Aaron Hicklin, Editor-in-Chief of “Out,” said that "It betrays either ignorance or self-interest or both, and jeopardizes his admirable record on gay rights." She might have mentioned that in an editorial, “Queerty” said that Elton John should be shamed for taking “blood money” and that Elton John “doesn't have make it his day job avoiding second-handedly contributing to the lifestyles of bigots." Michael Musto, of the “Village Voice,” described John as a “whore” for playing for Limbaugh. But “news” anchor, Megyn Kelly, full of "tolerance and respect" for Joy Behar, says nothing to see here move on. Everybody loves Rush. Looks like Elton John isn’t the only whore in town ;)


Video here