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Fox Nation Urges Readers To Watch Man Having Heart Attack At Obama Speech

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2010 -

I can understand why, if a news organization is covering a speech by President Obama, a man in the audience having a heart attack would be news, but in the case of Fox Nation, that seems to be the ONLY news they thought worth reporting about Obama's recent speech in Kalamazoo Michigan. The homepage of Fox nation urges readers: WATCH: Man Has Heart Attack At Obama Speech The video does not show a man having a heart attack. It's a YouTube video of a local news report about an elderly man having a heart attack. There isn't even an update about the poor man's condition. Why would Fox News be trumpeting this "news" if they were not desperate for anything, ANYTHING to make President Obama look bad? And/or looking for an excuse to provoke the predictable "sickening" "Obamacare" comments from the readers?


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