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Megyn Kelly Says SEIU Parody Is Racist Towards White Preppies?

Reported by Priscilla - June 8, 2010 -

Along with ACORN, America’s radical right wing seems to have a visceral hatred for SEIU (Service Employees International Union). I really don’t understand why except for the fact that SEIU works on behalf of minorities who want better wages and working conditions for work that includes caring for infirm folks and serving lunches to school children. (The nerve of them, I say!). Comments on radical right wing blogs always have the word “thug” appended to SEIU so it’s not surprising that Fox News, the mouthpiece for America’s radical right wing, would try to paint SEIU in as negative a light as possible. It’s also not surprising that Megyn Kelly, a Fox “fair and balanced” news person (not!) would engage in an astounding bit of hypocrisy in questioning whether an SEIU parody, about the beloved, by Fox, Arizona immigration bill, as “controversial” and “racist.” This is from the same Fox “news” anchor who promoted a Ray Stevens, supporter of the Arizona law, “parody” of illegal immigrants which was, arguably, visually and rhetorically racist in its lies and stereotypes.

Unlike when she interviewed Stevens, Megyn Kelly wasn’t wearing a great big smile. She claimed that “critics today” (which “critics,” Megyn?) “ are raising questions about a parody campaign targeting Arizona’s immigration law launched by the labor union” (she looked like she was sucking on a lemon when she said the next word) “SEIU.” Kellly, who just can’t understand why anybody would be against this nifty Arizona law and who won’t be asked for papers in Arizona, explained that it was a telephone hotline that “prompts” warnings about traveling to Arizona. She spoke a little slower (for emphasis) when she said that “it is what you hear on that line that is causing controversy.” She said that viewers could listen and then decide if this is “funny or racist.” She tossed to LA correspondent Trace Gallagher (who won’t be asked for papers in Arizona) who said that you have to look very close to see the word “parody” on the SEIU webpage. Fact check – the word is clearly visible. He said that they are “making fun of the Arizona law but a lot of critics ask at whose expense are they having fun.” Gallagher said that the ad is in English and “you can’t press one for Spanish.” (A bete noir for English only rightwingers). He added, without identifying them, that “a lot of critics are concerned that these stereotypes might be offensive." (Like Stevens’ You Tube “viral” video?)

He played the warning “option” about how “If your skin is even remotely tanned, yellow, brown or blue in hue, press 2” and “Working people come in many shapes and sizes, but anyone who doesn't resemble a J. Crew or Ralph Lauren model, should be very, very careful. Consider wearing conservative or preppy clothing to avoid getting noticed. For more information press 4.” The satire challenged Gallagher couldn’t understand what “shape and size” have to do with anything. The unnamed “critics” appeared in the agitprop chyron: “Critics Blast SEIE Campaign Targeting AZ Immigration Law." Gallagher then played the part about food: “If you tend to eat fast foods, drink bright colored juices or eat fresh vegetable in lieu of meat products press three. Many working people targeted by the new immigration law eat fast foods and drink bright colored juices. Avoid these foods while travelling in Arizona to avoid undue attention from law enforcement officials. For more information, please press 4.” The unnamed “critics” reappeared when Gallagher said that “critics point out that if you make fun of foods eaten by other ethnic groups, Megyn, it might not go over as well.” (Uh, wasn’t this satire directed towards foods eaten by those brown folks who seem to be the target of the new law which begs the question of what is the problem here?) When he concluded with a comment about the four “faux” travel warnings, Megyn frowned and shook her pretty blonde head in disgust.

Comment: Right wing sites already have this video and are using it to bash the “SEIU union thugs.” One site, with the Kelly video, confirms what I suspected to be the point of this strange bit of propaganda - "Now think of this situation had it been a Republican or conservative that set up a hotline similar to this? The race baiting poverty pimps would be all over this…Since the SEIU is a far left, radical radical labor union they get a free pass. Hypocrisy, much?...The SEIU’s hotline is racist and would be viewed as offensive by liberals…” Once again, what is touted as Fox News, “fair and balanced," seems to have the desired propaganda effect of getting “real” Americans angry towards a group that doesn’t meet with right wing approval. “America’s Newsroom” is being a bit divisive, ya think? But it is to ROFLMAO to think that uber white Megyn Kelly, who flashed her pearly whites while chuckling about Ray Stevens’ anti-immigrant racist, bullshit (he lied) video, thinks that the anti Arizona immigration law “hotline” is racist towards J. Crew wearing white preppies ("hypocrisy much?") – or was she standing in solidarity with those brown folks who eat fast food? It’s a complex world.