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Megyn Kelly Helps Fox News Contributor Blame Obama For Israeli Attack On Palestinian Aid Flotilla

Reported by Ellen - June 7, 2010 -

Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin has a history of making crackpot assertions on America Live with Megyn Kelly. You may recall that in April, Goodwin blamed his anti-Semitic email on President Obama’s Israel policies. Thursday (6/3/10), Goodwin blamed Obama for Israel's raid on the Palestinian aid flotilla the previous weekend. Goodwin’s convoluted theory seemed to go like this: If Obama was doing a better job of being a friend to Israel, its enemies would not have felt so emboldened as to send the aid flotilla and Israel would not have felt so vulnerable that its commandos had to attack. Far from challenging Goodwin and providing any balance - the show airs during Fox News’ objective news programming - Kelly gave Goodwin’s theory her implicit endorsement. Her tacit approval fell right in line with other attempts to blame Obama for the flotilla incident on Fox and other right wing media.

Kelly began the segment by describing the events of the commando raid from a completely pro-Israel point of view. However, she suggested there might be some challenge to Goodwin when she asked, obviously skeptical, “I don’t understand. How is it that you feel that President Obama’s policies, the White House policies, played any role in this?” But, alas, that seemed to be all the balance she felt was needed.

Goodwin replied, “It goes beyond just this incident. It is… the way the United States has walked away from Israel.” He cited the non-proliferation treaty, “demanding Israel stop building in Jerusalem” and “dressing down” and “snubbing” Israel’s prime minister. He continued, “In my book, that is saying, ‘Open season on Israel. Game on for everybody who wants to come at Israel.’ So then the United States, I argue, is weakening Israel by making it clear that the United States is now saying to others, ‘We don’t agree with Israel. We’re not going to stand by them the way the Bush Administration did, the way the Clinton Administration did. And the result is, the wolves in the Mideast… it begets aggression in all of those who want Israel to go away.”

There’s just one problem. Although the flotilla was certainly challenging Israel, it was Israel doing the attacking. At best, the passengers on board responded aggressively when the commandos landed. But how that justifies the shooting of one of the activists four times in the head and once in the chest, I don’t understand.

Not that Kelly seemed to think about that. She sat quietly as Goodwin continued advancing his irrational “Obama made them do it” theory. “It’s about taking advantage of the license the Obama administration has granted,” he said.

Compare Kelly’s respectful interest here with her sarcastic, combative interruptions of Alan Colmes, another Fox News contributor, when he defended Eric Holder on a previous America Live show for not using the term “radical Islam.”

No, unlike with Colmes, in this case, Kelly wanted to thoughtfully explore and make sure everyone understood what it was that Goodwin was alleging. She said, “So it’s sort of like when you’ve got in the schoolyard… the bullies who are picking on the one kid. And they keep picking on the one kid until there’s a bigger kid, a football player who comes over and says, ‘Don’t mess with that kid. He’s got my full support.’ You’re saying, basically, we’re the big football player, Israel’s the kid and the football player – we – have basically, removed ourselves from the playground. So the kid is sitting there, exposed, and the bullies are circling.”

“Absolutely,” Goodwin agreed. Noting that the United States has always stood by Israel and thus, according to Goodwin, guaranteed its security, he now claimed, “Obama seems to be removing that, calling that into doubt. And what’s happening is all these tests now… to see what (groups like Hamas and Hezbollah) can get away with, to see what we will do.”

Apparently, Kelly was now persuaded. “This is quite dangerous,” she said. “Because if someone actually launches an attack of Israel… that significantly raises the stakes for the United States. What can we do now to try to tamp this down?”

Goodwin didn’t say. Instead he kicked up his anti-Obama fear mongering just a notch by saying that the result is that Israel feels vulnerable, acts more aggressively and “we’re more likely to have war in the Mideast than you did before.”

And, if God forbid, such a thing does happen, you can be sure that Goodwin will waste no time going on Fox News to blame Obama for that, too, probably with Kelly’s approval.

“Hmm, sobering assessment,” she said credulously, closing the segment.

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