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Forbes On Fox Panel Discusses Nuking The Gulf Oil Spill

Reported by Ellen - June 7, 2010 -

Co-authored by Hula

Forbes on Fox, part of Fox News “business block” of programming on Saturday mornings actually debated whether or not it might be a good idea to “nuke” the gulf oil spill as a way to stop the leak. It was the usual cast of regulars – supposedly financial experts, not oil or engineering experts. While most of them, including host David Asman, were skeptical, to say the least, panelist Rich Karlgaard said it was “the kind of option you really have to put on the table.” Regular Neil Weinberg said, “Why not consider some unconventional ways to solve the problem?: ...We shouldn't have nuke-o-phobia here.” Steve Forbes probably summed it up best when he said sarcastically, “I can ree the tourist posters in the future for the Gulf.” He added, “Politically the idea is a bomb and radioactive... Not going to happen.”

So why on earth was a business show discussing this?