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Got Homophobia? Bill O’Reilly Compares Gays To Terrorists?

Reported by Priscilla - June 6, 2010 -

As part of his “traditionalism,” Bill O’Reilly presents himself as a red blooded, all American heterosexual male whose code of machismo includes disdain, if not outright hatred, of gays. While kids, worldwide, enjoyed the Harry Potter books, Bill claimed that the author is a “provocateur” for the gay agenda “indoctrination.” (The sexual harassment accusation against Bill, by a woman, proves that he wasn’t swayed by those evil gays. Right?) He claimed that gay marriage will lead to interspecies marriage. He doesn’t want kids to see gays marching in a St. Patrick’s Day parade. He doesn’t want gays serving, openly, in the military because it might cause discomfort in the barracks. And my all time favorite was his comment about the dangers of “clustered gays” at sporting events. But his latest comment, which seems to suggest that he equates gays with Al Qaeda is troubling. If he was trying to be funny, his humor was inappropriate and misplaced. I suspect that if Rosy O’Donnell compared the Catholic Church to the Taliban, Bill would be demanding an apology – something you probably won’t see coming from Bill regarding his latest bit of bloviation.

Earlier this week, Bill discussed in a new McDonald’s ad airing in France. The ad features a young gay man who is speaking on the phone with his boyfriend. The ad is part of a corporate strategy to “to showcase the restaurant's inclusiveness and widely-varied clientele.” O’Reilly showed part of the ad and asked Jane Skinner if the ad would encourage her to buy a Big Mac. He said that “straight people are going to watch that too.” He predicted that this ad will never run in America. (Why is that Bill? Is that because you think Americans are just as afraid of the “gay agenda” as you are?) Not aware that France (and Europe in general) doesn’t have a problem with teh gay, Bill said that McDonald’s is entitled to make a “political statement.” When Skinner said that the ad was meant to show how McDonald’s appeals to a diverse group, O’Reilly asked "Do they have an al-Qaida ad?" he asked. "You know, 'Come as you are' — boom."

His comment has drawn the ire of many gay groups. GLADD is demanding that Bill apologize and is urging folks to contact Fox regarding Bill’s recent and past homophobic comments. Their website also has a list of O’Reilly’s advertisers. David Tabicoff, Bill’s senior executive producer claims that this was a “silly controversy” and the quote was taken “out of context.”

Comment: While Mary Elizabeth Williams, of Salon, feels that O’Reilly was “being cynical about the hubris behind a marketing strategy,” she also noted that he can be close minded (ya think?!). She concludes that O’Reilly was just being stupid. Given his history of homophobic comments, I would, respectfully disagree. O’Reilly is crazy like a Fox and his comment is very consistent with other offensive “humorous” comments directed towards gays and for which Bill has never apologized. (Being straight means never having to say you’re sorry?!) Surely he could have picked a more innocuous example – say – hobbits? But why would Bill waste any effort trying to be less offensive. He certainly had no problem demonizing Dr. Tiller – and never apologized for that either. Hey, did you hear the one about the married, Irish Catholic, conservative guy who wanted to share loofahs and Caribbean showers with somebody that he wasn't married to….