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Van Susteren Inquires About Brewer’s Father’s War Record

Reported by Ellen - June 4, 2010 -

A few days ago, I chastised Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren for failing to ask Gov. Jan Brewer about conflicting stories she has told regarding her father’s war record. Perhaps as a result of reading my post, Van Susteren asked Brewer about it in their discussion last night (6/3/10) about Brewer’s meeting with President Obama over Arizona’s new immigration bill. Although Brewer attacked her critics as “pathetic,” she later acknowledged that her choice of words in characterizing her father’s work in a munitions factory as “fighting the Nazis in Germany” may have been “odd.”

It was another softball interview with Brewer in which “Democrat” Van Susteren found time to take swipes at Obama and offered no hard scrutiny of the new immigration law that Brewer had gone to Washington to discuss.

Finally, at about 8 minutes in, Van Susteren asked, “All the politicians – we’re fact checking everything you say… Mr. Blumenthal in Connecticut got hit… said something about Viet Nam and he hadn’t served. You’re getting hit by your newspaper for some… I’m asking what you said about the Nazis and your father.

Brewer told the story about her father making bombs in World War II at a munitions factory and, as a result of the toxic fumes, became disabled and died when she was young.

Brewer continued, “I have a very interesting story in regards to my life… It’s unfortunate that there are people out there, in fact I believe it’s pathetic, that they want to spin something to the fact that I have said this or I have said in respect to what he did for his country… Everybody went to work (on behalf of the war effort)… and for them to embellish and pathetically try to twist that into something ugly is ridiculous. I have determined at this point in time that I’m just not going to give it any more notice because it’s so wrong.”

To her credit, Van Susteren to her did make an attempt to “clarify.” Unfortunately, her clarification was wrong. She said that the paper had quoted Brewer as saying, “the Nazis killed (my) father.” Brewer was actually quoted as saying her father had “died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany.”

“I never said that,” Brewer replied, accurately, I presume, about Van Susteren's faulty quote (which she admitted may not have been correct). Brewer continued, stumbling as she spoke, “I said, ‘My father died fighting the German regimen (sic) of Hitler.’ And he did. He was building the bombs. I never said he was overseas. I never once said he was in the military.” No, but she implied it. And she seemed to acknowledge that by adding, “If my choice of words were odd, so be it.”

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