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Fox & Friends Attack Gallery Owner Over “Sacrilegious” Art Exhibit

Reported by Priscilla - June 4, 2010 -

After saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wears her religion on her sleeve, the good Christian duo of Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy were less than subtle in their segment about a “controversial” art exhibit in Oklahoma which features collages of the Virgin Mary holding a machine gun and a hand grenade. The lesson, that this is “sacrilegious,” was effectively communicated in the type of questions asked to the owner of the art gallery which is home to the exhibit. That the Christian krewe interviewed the art gallery owner, rather than the artist, demonstrates the slickness of the agitprop. Rather than confront the artist, Doocy and Carlson articulated their “concerns” to somebody who decided to show the art and thus really couldn’t respond, other than she liked the pieces, to questions about the art itself. If they had interviewed the artist, whose reason behind the image seems reasonable, they might not have been able to control the narrative which included the perfunctory slam at Islam. Pretty slick. Oh, and if this was just a local “controversy,” I suspect that it will soon be national when the usual suspects in the world of Christian outrage find out about this from the show that specializes in outraged Christians.

Showing the picture of a nun with pink gun, good Christian and former weather guy, Steve Doocy, started off with a comment sure to get those juices of Christian outrage flowing: “Take a look at this art, does this offend you.” He claimed that the image was of the Virgin Mary. (And the expected answer is Oh, yes.) The agitprop chyron: “Defacing the Virgin Mary, Gallery Owner Displays Controversial Artwork.” He then showed an image of Mary holding a hand grenade. (The image of Mary is the standard Catholic representation of Mary opening the top of her frock to show a heart on fire – something that as a Catholic girl, I found truly creepy and which today I find truly tacky – but whatever…) Doocy said that “Catholics are outraged and are wondering why anyone would want to show these things.” Good Christian Gretchen Carlson introduced the owner of the gallery who was shown over the agitprop chyron: “Insult or Artwork, OK Artist Depicts Virgin Mary Holding Weapons.” (Oh, it’s an insult, right?) Gretch began by insulting the gallery owner. She said that she “understood the whole argument” about art and freedom of speech: but wanted to know if the owner was doing this attract people to the gallery because “we seem to be in an era in the last 10 years or so of people doing anything for publicity.” Agitprop chyron: “Virgin Mary Art Draws Ire, Gallery Owner Pleads Case For Showing Pics.” Ashley Griffith said that the pictures have a right to be seen and the First Amendment applies here. Doocy chimed in with how she is “located in the Bible Belt and that he knows people who would say that want these pictures taken down because it’s offensive. (Oh, yes, Steve) He asked what the artist is trying to say with “these picture of the Virgin Mary looking like an terrorist.” When Griffith said that she didn’t think Mary looked like a terrorist, a petulant Steve said “that’s your opinion.” Agitprop chyron: “Virgin Mary Art Draws Ire, Catholics Upset With Paintings of Holy Mother.” She said that she couldn’t speak to the artist’s intent.

Good Christian Gretch quoted the artist as saying how she wanted folks to think of “how they view the holy mother as the classic good girl.” Gretch said her question was “does anyone think of the virgin Mary as anything other than a classic good girl.” Gretch questioned the motive of the gallery owner: “If you didn’t think of that way wouldn’t that be because you wanted to defame her?” (Oh, yes, Gretch). Ready for the money shot Cavuto Mark (statement of Fox opinion) chyron – “Sacrilegious Depictions? Art Gallery To Show Virgin Mary With Weapons.” Gretch donned her best quizzical look. Griffith said “no” and explained that as the owner of the gallery, she found the art acceptable. Doocy reinforced the “sacrilege” lesson for the day (and possibly expressing his opinion) with how “a lot of Catholics think that you’re taking a cheap shot at the Virgin Mary." When she reiterated that she is just showing the work, Doocy said that she was putting it up on the walls of the gallery. Ready for the perfunctory Islam slam – “Would you put up a picture, perhaps, or a collage of the Prophet Mohammed with a grenade or perhaps a machine gun.” Doocy smirked when she said that it “would depend on what the art looked like.” Doocy said “you woudn’t put that up…” as Gretch interjected “trust me I can guarantee that if you hung that art, they’d be people outside that gallery protesting.” Perhaps sending out a message, Gretch said “maybe there will be people outside there, as well.” She reiterated how she got the freedom of speech argument; but “it is very controversial as I’m sure you’re aware of.”

Comment: Well, if Griffith isn’t aware, the Fox & Friends audience sure is. Today’s lesson is that this “controversial” exhibit is “sacrilegious” and something you couldn’t do with the prophet Mohammed. Too bad that the artist wasn’t able to comment because she would have discussed how the exhibit, taken as a whole, is about the complexities of being a woman. But despite a local Catholic priest who doesn’t want more publicity given to this work, Fox & Friends did their best to inflame the congregation. Don’t ya love it when Gretch gets all holier than thou. I mean, really. This is the same gal who, allegedly, had an affair with a news anchor at the Richmond TV station where she was a reporter. I guess she’s seen the light. As my Irish American grandmother would have said, not reverentially, “holy mother of God.” And funny, the Fox & Friends had no problem with bible verses on rifles. Go figure.