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Megyn Kelly Pimps Ray Stevens’ Nativist Song & Radical Right Wing Paranoia

Reported by Priscilla - June 3, 2010 -

Ray Stevens, who brought us “Ahab, the Arab” and other silly songs back in the politically incorrect days of the early 60's*– the halcyon days when minorities knew their place – has become quite the troubadour for today’s oppressed conservative right wingers. In January, Bill O’Reilly promoted Steven’s "patriotic" musical lament about how “Obamacare” is “defecating on America” while taking away our freedom. Included in the video of the song was Stevens dressed as a colonial “patriot” and an amusing take on “death panels.” Flash forward to June and Stevens, a Hee-Haw regular, has a new silly song lampooning illegal aliens. “News” person Megyn Kelly, who was recently almost moved to tears by the teabagging anthem, was as equally impressed by Steven’s newest all American comedic stylings. And along with promoting Stevens’ song, Kelly provided him with a comfortable platform from which to espouse his anti Democratic and paranoid world view.

Kelly opened the segment, Tuesday, with part of the video which showed Stevens in a stereotypic sombrero while singing “come to the USA.” Music critic Kelly described it as a “catchy little tune.” The chyron said that it was “burning up the internet.” She described this bit of inanity as “a commentary on illegal immigration.” (Yep, them, thar illegals dying in the desert so that they can work for nice American businesses sure is a gut buster!!!) Megyn could hardly contain her glee when she spoke to Stevens and described his “sentimental hits” like “Everything is Beautiful” and “out you come with this scathing commentary.” Good ole boy Ray said that he’s “a concerned citizen” because he thinks “the country is going down the tubes” because of bad political decisions. Stevens, who as a good ole boy will never be asked for proof of citizenship, said that he “applauded” the Arizona law for “taking a stand.” He said that he’s scared because illegal immigration is “out of control” and will “hurt the fabric of the country.” He claimed that “it’s absurd” that “anybody would oppose this law.” Kelly cited how the ACLU is mounting a challenge (those evil, libruls) and that the Department of Justice might mount a challenge and asked for Stevens' opinion. He advanced the specious meme of the right wing that Arizona is just copying federal immigration and it just “doesn’t make any sense” that the feds would “do an about face.” He said that the “Democrat Party” is “out of control” because it’s taking away our freedom and added that he’s “afraid” for the “future of the country” with “this kind of leadership.” Kelly referenced how folks are “tuned in” to his message because his songs are getting awesome hits on You Tube. She also cited his involvement with the Tea Party. (Those oppressed, mostly white and financially well off revolutionaries who want their freedom back) He said that “he’s doing what he can do to return sanity to government.”

Kelly did allude to negative reaction to the imagery in the videos. Stevens said that “most people know that there’s nothing racial” about his props. (Yeah, Ray, that old sombrero is just good old boy fun!) Kelly asked Stevens (not a political pundit) if “we have made a fundamental shift in government involvement.” Stevens then demonstrated why he’s part of the paranoid fringe when he said that Glenn Beck has shown how this is “an ongoing plot that has been going on for years." He further demonstrated his Beckista creds when he said that “we the people have awakened” and that the more people know the truth, the more they will get on the band wagon in order to fight the “slow, chipping away at the foundations of our liberty” and “we gotta put a stop to it.” Kelly said “it was interesting listening to these videos and “boy oh boy are they popular, hugely popular.” (Yep, racism is quite popular in Fox's "real" America) She flashed her best grin and said that the videos can be checked out at Stevens’ website. She said “all the best sir.”

Comment: Megyn just loves those freedom loving, illegal immigrant hating teabagging tunes – ya think! I would be curious to know if these videos are really “hugely popular” or if they lag behind cute pets and kids. Despite its You Tube popularity (?), the song has been criticized by the nativist Federation For American Immigration Reform because it promulgates the erroneous notion that illegals get “welfare.” – “…come to the USA, there’s no penalty to pay…it will be your lucky day cause when you get in there’s lots of goodies waiting.” (Right, shit jobs paying close to nothing with no legal rights) The song also states that illegals get hung in Mexico while the reality is that illegal immigration, in Mexico, has been decrimalized. While the majority of illegals are hard workers, Stevens (whose focus is on Hispanics although he has "Arab" characters, too) jokes about how they start houses of prostitution. Possibly the worst is “You see those gringo infidels are crazy, they’ll give citizenship to your new baby.” (Uh, Ray, that’s in the Constitution). Interestingly, Megyn didn’t quote any of these lyrics. But hey, he’s a darling of Fox News which also traffics in misinformation so go figure. The song is an ugly example of American bigotry. But hey, so is much of Fox “opinion” news – but Kelly is supposed to be actual “news.” So much for “fair and balanced.” But Glenn Beck and the "ongoing plot" – cue the theme from the Twilight Zone. And word to Megyn – rather than “scathing,” this song is good, old American bigotry if not outright racism. Nice to know that Fox “News” supports it.

**Correction - Stevens' songs were popular in the early 60's - not the 50's although the early sixties (pre civil rights) were as politically backward as the 50's. Looks like good ole boy Stevens is still stuck there.