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Gretchen Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi Can’t Say “God”

Reported by Priscilla - June 3, 2010 -

It certainly looks like that offshore account, where Gretchen Carlson stashes her IQ, is seriously overdrawn. This morning, she and her fellow Fox & Friends theologians discussed Nancy Pelosi’s faith commentary about “the Word” and how it pertains to policy. Ms. Pelosi’s comments, at a Catholic event, earned her a “pinhead” award, last night, from Catholic Bill O’Reilly who, last year, won a real award, from the Family Research Council, for his venomous commentary about Dr. Tiller – words that contributed to a climate of hate in which Dr. Tiller was murdered. It seems as though the professional Christians on Fox & Friends don’t like to be religiously co-opted by one whom they consider to be a godless librul heathen – especially if this heathen invokes the gospel in order to advocate for policy that takes care of those less fortunate when we know that Jesus loved rich folks. But “The Word” – seriously Gretch, I thought you were such a good Christian and you don’t get “The Word.” Hello???

H/T Mediaite

Good Christian and former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, began by asking if folks had heard Pelosi’s religious “rant.” Agitprop chyron – “Speaker’s Religious Rant, Pelosi Combines Public Policy & “The Word.” (I seem to recall Gretch and the gang getting all dewey eyed when George Bush professed his faith). Gretch seemed to be a bit agitated because Pelosi said “the Word” about thirty times. Not noted was that Pelosi was speaking at a Catholic event. Good Catholic Kilmeade joked about how he thought “grease was the word.” (Hmmm, I thought Gretch didn’t like joking about religion! Guess it depends on who the joker is!!) Gretch laughed so hard she had to hold her stomach. Agitprop chyron – “Pelosi’s Preaching, Turns To Religion During Political Speech. Factcheck – She addressed clergy and lay people at The Catholic Community Conference. Good Christian anti-choicer, Steve Doocy asked why, if Pelosi is saying the Word should influence public policy, “is she for abortion.” (This sentiment is viral in the anti-choice blogosphere). Steve obviously doesn’t know that Jesus didn’t mention abortion and that his church’s condemnation of abortion is the product of two millennia of an all male clergy whose views, on abortion, have not been consistent. Steve also doesn’t seem to understand that social justice is a basic tenet of his church. Steve said “newsflash, the Bible doesn’t like abortion.” Newsflash for Steve, there are a number of Christian denominations as well as Reformed Jews, which do not believe that abortion is intrinsically evil. Carlson said “at least Catholicism does not.” (She’s a Lutheran and so was Dr. Tiller who was shot in his church). Doocy stumbled over this one and blithered about wanting to see “where the bible…the Bible does not like abortion.”Agitprop chyron – “Seeking Political Salvation? Pelosi Claims To Invokes Faith Into Policy.” (Isn’t that what Bush’s “faith initiatives” were all about?) Gretch said that, for her, “the most important thing is that this signals that people on the far left can’t say the word, God.” (she flashed her trademark boy did I just show them grin) “You see she had to say the word, did you see her sort of stumbling” (like what you’re doing right now?) “word, word, word, word. Why, because people on the far left don’t want to say the word God anymore. It’s a bad word, bad word out there, that’s what I got.” As she finished she had the biggest shit eating grin that I’ve seen from her and I’ve seen a lot. Kilmeade said “amen to that.”

Comment: First, good Christian Gretch lied about the number of time Pelosi said “The Word.” Eww Gretch, isn’t that a sin? By my count, Pelosi said word (as the noun) and “The Word” (as the concept) 12 times – not thirty. But what is interesting is that the clip that they showed was cropped and didn’t include the articulate and coherent statement that she believes that Jesus (who is “the Word) “will come again" and "we need to make sure we're prepared to answer in this life, or otherwise, as to how we have measured up." Pelosi is saying that by her advocacy for others, she is trying to measure up. Carlson’s measurement, on the other hand, is all about spreading hate. But back to “The Word” "Logos") which is one of many titles for Jesus Christ who is also called “the lamb of God” and the “Good Shepherd.” (Where's Father Jonathan when you need him!) It is used in the Gospel of John in conjunction “with the story of God creating the world merely by speaking (Gen 1), while John's statement that "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Doesn’t good Christian, Stanford grad Gretchen Carlson know that? Is Gretchen Carlson anti Christian?

And “word” to Gretch – At the same venue where Pelosi invoked “The Word,” she also “thanked God” for the nuns who helped to pass “life affirming” health care. So Gretch, your theory that Pelosi can’t say the word "God" is - uh - a lie.

And three words for Gretch – The first one is “go” and the last one is “yourself.”

Video at Mediaite