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Fox News No Longer BFF's With Breitbart?

Reported by Ellen - June 3, 2010 -

Eric Boehlert noted today that Fox News seems to be making a concerted effort to ignore Andrew Breitbart's latest "investigation," this time into the U.S. Census. It's hard to say if this is part of the explosive revelations he threatened to unleash during the 2010 election cycle if the Obama administration didn't open an investigation into ACORN (which it has not done) or part of his "takedown" of the "institutional left" which was supposed to have been accomplished by mid-March. Whatever it's supposed to be, Fox News has been uncharacteristically not covering it.

As Boehlert suggests, the complete discrediting of the ACORN videos, along with questions about the videographers are likely factors. So, too, were Breitbart's efforts to cover up the videos' shortcomings to Fox News viewers - if not to Fox News, itself.

For example, when Team Breitbart trumpeted their video supposedly revealing one ACORN employee confessing to having murdered her husband, Breitbart and videographer Hannah Giles stonewalled about whether anyone had vertified whether it was true. In fact, the claim was proven to be a hoax played on the video makers.

Similarly, Giles falsely told Hannity, with cover from Breitbart, that nobody at any of the ACORN offices had refused to help her with her proposed illegal scheme.

I'm sure the subsequent arrest of Giles' video partner and Breitbart's protege, James O'Keefe, didn't warm the heart (assuming he has one) of Roger Ailes, either.

Since Fox News staked so much of their airtime, if not their reputation, on the ACORN videos, it's hard to think they weren't PO'd to find out they'd been had to such a degree. But, really, they have only their own selves to blame for not vetting their star muckrakers better. There's also absolutely no excuse for not coming forward with a slew of mea culpas for not having done so. After all, they're the ones who are supposed to be the real news network.

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