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Gretchen Carlson Stashing Her IQ In An Offshore Account?

Reported by Priscilla - June 2, 2010 -

In discussing how Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson is “dumbing herself down,” Jon Stewart asked why Gretchen Carlson, a Stanford graduate, needs to “stash her IQ in an offshore account.” Gretchen’s staged (one hopes) simple mindedness was apparent in a short “news” type segment on yesterday’s Fox & Friends during which Steve Doocy and Gretchen briefly discussed a recent Federal Judge’s decision that the town of Enfield Connecticut cannot hold graduation ceremonies at a local Christian church. Doocy and Gretch just didn’t get it. However, if they read the press reports on the decision, perhaps they might have understood it better. But even if they were aware of the specifics, they certainly couldn’t have communicated them because they would have cut the buzz of the narrative of persecuted Christians – a meme near and dear to Fox & Friends and their persecuted Christian audience. While this short interlude lacked the punch of an interview in which the gang provides an “amen chorus,” this was just as effective a piece of propaganda in that the story wasn’t given proper explication. The audience was left with only a piece of information – but the one that carried the most emotion. The message was couched in a “isn’t this silly” framework which certainly “dumbed down” what was presented into a nice, digestible propaganda bite.

Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson introduced the “graduation” story which was about how “the graduation ceremony for two Connecticut public high schools is in doubt now after a Federal Judge ruled that they could not hold the graduation ceremonies inside a church.” She cited how the Judge said that the plan constituted “a constitutional endorsement of religion.” (D’uh, ya think, Gretch – public high school ceremony in Christian church – hello!?) Carlson added that Enfield has held its ceremonies at the “First Cathedral” because it was “big enough” and the “price was right.” Fact Check – The ceremony has been held in the church since 2007 because, at that time, the athletic field, where the graduation ceremony was usually held, was torn up. When the ceremony moved indoors, the religious objects in the church were covered. Gretch continued that some students and their parents have filed a lawsuit and there’s no word yet on a new venue.
Gretch then said “ya know what, I went to a Bar Mitzvah celebration inside a church and they just covered up the cross with a big huge tarp.” Doocy said “makes sense.” (Hmmm, I don’t think all Christian pastors would be on board with that but whatever…) She added that “it was a little weird; but I guess they could do that to use the building if they’re that offended.” Fact Check – Doesn’t Gretch know (and she obviously read something about the case) that the Judge specifically said, in relation to the cover-up, “By attempting to “neutralize” the First Cathedral by covering up many (albeit not all) of its religious images, Enfield Public Schools unconstitutionally entangles itself with religion...” And Gretch thinks it’s weird that a Christian cross was covered at a Jewish ceremony? Hello? She’s a Stanford grad. Doesn’t she know that since the Emperor Constantine hallucinated a flaming cross in the sky, over the site of his military victory, and then made Christianity a state religion, the oppression of the Jews began an almost two millennium run? Thus, having the central symbol of Christianity at a Jewish ceremony might be a little inappropriate? As she did one of her patented shrugs, Doocy said “It’s all about the facility. In this case, they need a place big enough to hold all the kids.” Fact Check – there are other sites which were explored by the school district and which the Judge cited: Western New England College, Springfield Symphony Hall, the Mass Mutual Center, the Bushnell Theater, XL Center, and the Connecticut Convention Center.

Comment: The funds in that “offshore account” must be seriously depleted!