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Fox News Helping Hannity Hype Impeachment

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2010 -

We previously posted about Sean Hannity's eager anticipation that the Joe Sestak "job offer" will lead to the impeachment of President Obama. Now, Fox News is helping him promote that meme by prominently displaying the video of Dick Morris saying so and calling it "'Grounds for Impeachment.'"

Interestingly, the video is titled "More to the Story?" on the video page of Fox News. That strongly suggests that Fox News knows full well that non-attorney Morris' say so is a long way from making it true. Furthermore, a real attorney, Michael Mukasey, George W. Bush's former Attorney General, said otherwise, calling it "a stretch" and "highly questionable whether there was a crime."

But on the Hannity page of Foxnews.com, Fox used quotation marks around the "Grounds for Impeachment" as a fig leaf to hide their endorsement.


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