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“Fair And Balanced” Special Report Takes Israeli Side Of Commando Raids

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2010 -

Despite the fact that Special Report is supposed to be part of Fox News “objective” news programming, Bret Baier gave the Israeli point of view, only, during his introduction yesterday (5/31/10) to a panel discussion about the botched commando raid on a Turkish ship in the Gaza aid flotilla. That was followed by Charles Krauthammer’s lengthy pro-Israel, anti-flotilla discourse in which he declared definitively that the commandos drew “their pistols in self defense” and later that “Israel clearly is a victim here.” Bill Kristol called the flotilla “a malicious effort to tempt the Israelis.” Baier never challenged those points of view and there was no panelist to present the Turkish or other point of view.

The segment began with an assortment of clips from the U.N.’s emergency security council meeting earlier in the day. But that was followed by Baier’s very selective reporting on what had happened. “We have video… provided by the Israeli Defense Force,” Baier said, without noting that there is also video from the organizers of the flotilla to support its account that the Israeli forces opened fire as soon as they landed on the deck, without provocation.

Baier continued with his straight-from-the-Israeli-Defense Force reporting: “(The Israelis) were caught off guard and overwhelmed… Some of the demonstrators on board, according to the Israelis, attacked them with steel bars and knives. There’s video of this. The Navy Commander then gave an order to open fire after several of the Israeli Seals reported their handguns were taken from them and were being fired by the activists. Nine demonstrators… were killed. Four Israeli Seals wounded by the gunfire and stab wounds. What about all of this? The international reaction, let’s bring in our panel.”

That “international reaction” was reported from a pro-Israeli perspective only. There was no serious discussion about the global condemnation Israel now faces. No discussion of the street protests erupting around the world, including, according to the Montreal Gazette, tens of thousands of Turks in Istanbul burning Israeli flags, shouting "Damn Israel!" and demanding "A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, revenge, revenge!"

(H/T Hula)

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