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Gretchen Carlson Continues Fox & Friends Smear Of NY Islamic Center

Reported by Priscilla - May 30, 2010 -

It’s not just seditious Arizona ethnic studies curriculums that the American right wing is freaking out over. There sees to be a visceral reaction to the proposed Islamc Center which will be built near 9-11 “Ground Zero.” As the mouthpiece for the American right, Fox & Friends has been less than subtle in advancing the right wing meme that the construction of this center, which includes a mosque, is an insult to “real” Americans. Last week, Brian Kilmeade asked if the construction of the mosque was a way for Muslims to “gloat.” One of Kilmeade’s guests, Andrew McCarthy, who recently told Sean Hannity that liberals are working with radical Muslims to instate Sharia law, responded that it was “Islamic Supremacism” (wonder if he has a problem with America’s community of white supremacists?) The day before this incendiary “question,” Kilmeade said that the Cultural Center was an “outrage” and accused Muslims of “taunting 9-11 victims.” And Thursday, during her interview with the ultra right wing Islamophobe, Pamela Geller, Gretchen Carlson worked in the requisite smear of those evil NY City Muslims who are being just so uppity.

Update: Geller was interviewed about the Islamic Cultural Center, last night, by Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was subbing for Geraldo Rivera. Geller said "thank gawd" (she even writes with a NY accent) that she didn't have to talk to "Geraldo the Clown." True class, that!

Timothy McVeigh committed an act of domestic terrorism – yet his Christian religion was never brought into the discussion. 9-11 was perpetrated by men who committed, like McVeigh, a political act of terrorism – yet their religion is constantly part of the discussion – a discussion on Fox & Friends that broad brushes an entire faith. That Muslims were also killed in the 9-11 attack seems to be missing from the equation. But now that the American Society for Islamic Advancement wants to build a cultural center two blocks from “Ground Zero" the gang at Fox & Friends has their propaganda guns loaded.This edifice will include a mosque, as well an art center, a swimming pool, and public spaces. But this is not acceptable to the philosophical descendants of the Inquisition mind set (a time of Christian cultural hostility directed towards Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity) who see this building as a victory monument to 9-11. In addition to Fox & Friends, “World Net Daily” and the “Washington Times” have voiced their outrage.

Thursday, Gretchen Carlson interviewed Pamela Geller, of the blog “Atlas Shrugged,” about the bus ads, sponsored by Geller’s readers and her (hate?) group “Stop Islamization of America,” which seek to attract Muslims who are going apostate with catchy phrases like “Leaving Islam? Fatwa on your head? Is your family threatening you?” The ads refer to a website, “RefugefromIslam.com” which offers advice to those wanting to leave Islam; but some critics see this as a smokescreen for Geller’s radical anti-Islamic agenda. BTW, Geller was one of the key players in the attempt, by the radical Christian right, to keep Rifqa Bary, who converted to Christianity from Islam, from being reunited with her parents. Geller disagreed with all the family court findings and even organized a rally, outside an Ohio courthouse, where participants wore tee shirts that said “Islam is of the devil.” Sadly, Rifqa now has uterine cancer and Geller is already accusing Rifqa’s parents of trying to sabotauge her medical care. Nice.

Carlson, who was quite upset about atheist billboards and atheist bus ads (seen as a “war on God”), asked if these ads were protected by the First Amendment. Geller said that she got the idea when she “covered” the Rifqa Bary case and saw ads inviting people to join Islam. But “it struck Geller,” that “here’s this girl…her father threatened to kill her” (Family Court declared this allegation unfounded – not that you’d here anything from Gretch about that.) “here are these ads...what about people who want to leave Islam? They don’t have anywhere to go.” (LOL so they go to a group of rabid Islamophobes? But nice to know that Geller is providing a “support” service.) Gretch said “right” when Geller said that for some Muslims, it’s dangerous when they decide to leave Islam. Geller asserted that this is about “religious liberties.” Gretch asked her if the reason why she’s doing this is because she believes that if “one side can do this, the other can” or because she truly believes that Muslims are in danger when they decide to leave. Geller replied that “we know thousands of apostates are killed across the globe” and that her group is providing help for these apostates. I actually thought that Gretch was going hardball when she asked a question about how “some people” feel that this campaign is inciting tension between the Muslim community and Muslims who are American citizens.” Geller asked if she was saying that American Muslims don’t believe in religious freedom. My hopes for some fairness and balance were dashed when Carlson – ready for it – said “some people say it’s similar to building a mosque across the street from 9-11. It’s sort of in your face.” Geller said that she is leading an effort against that because it “shows no tolerance” and that it is stabbing Americans in the eye. Gretchen said that she understood the “freedom” argument and referenced the atheist billboards. She asked what the response to the billboards was.

Comment: This was slick. In the middle of a reasonable interview, Gretchen Carlson worked in the perfunctory message about that mosque (and lied about it being across the street from 9-11) and one which Geller (and one assumes that Carlson is aware of Geller’s opposition) ran with. While not exactly an “in your face” comment, the propaganda, supporting the narrative, was delivered. It was far more subtle than the usual biff, pow, bam agitprop of Fox & Friends – but effective nonetheless!!


From the rally organized by Geller