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Sean Hannity And Fox News Give Credibility To Conspiracy Theory Accusing The Left Of Working With Muslims To Instate Sharia Law And Sabotage America

Reported by Ellen - May 27, 2010 -

Author Andrew McCarthy (it’s too bad his parents didn’t name him “Joseph”) appeared on Hannity Tuesday night (5/25/10) to promote his latest book which neatly ties in a number of rightwing memes into one inflammatorily hate-mongering package against the left and Islam. Although Hannity seemed slightly skeptical of McCarthy’s argument that liberals and Muslims are working to replace U.S. Constitutional law with Sharia law, his skepticism did not move him to challenge any of McCarthy’s assertions. Nor did “we report, you decide” Fox News feel it necessary to point out that McCarthy has a predilection for extremist conspiracy theories. This is the same guy who concluded that Bill Ayers wrote Barack Obama’s memoir. Instead, Hannity’s introduction was scripted in a way to lend credibility to McCarthy’s argument. Hannity even went one step further and gratuitously threw President Obama into the mix. With video.

Hannity opened the segment with some video purporting to show that the driving force behind the proposed mosque at Ground Zero is looking to instate Sharia law. Then, as if that weren’t enough fear mongering to lay the ground for McCarthy, Hannity made a point of suggesting that Obama is in bed with the Muslims and their anti-America, Islamic jihad, too. Hannity sneered that “President Obama and his views don’t seem that different” from an Imam in the video who said “Islam is America’s second largest religion and on its way to Number One.” As “proof,” Hannity quoted Obama saying, “If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Hannity drove the point home by concluding his introduction with: “My next guest argues that the tendency to overstate the prominence of Islam in the United States is a key aspect in the Jihaddist war against America and that the far left and radical Islam are going hand in hand.” I doubt anyone in his audience missed Hannity’s implication that President Obama is part of that “far left” mix.

McCarthy and Hannity discussed the Fox News obsession over “what should we call the challenge that confronts the west.” The term “radical Islam” was not good enough for McCarthy. He insisted on calling it just "Islam," suggesting, of course, that all Muslims are enemies of this country.

Hannity never asked how, then, we are supposed to work with all those Muslims whose help we need for the war on terror nor even about the many Muslims serving on active military duty for the U.S.

McCarthy’s laid out his latest conspiracy theory: Muslims plan to “spring up these Islamic communities and get people used to the idea that Sharia law, the Muslim legal code, should basically govern the day-to-day affairs of that community. And the idea is to sort of build a larger Islamic movement from the ground up.”

No challenge from Hannity there. Instead, he egged on McCarthy by saying, “You’re saying people want to bring that here in America.” Fox News put up a similarly affirming banner on the screen for much of the segment, saying, “NEW BOOK DETAILS THREATS IN U.S.”

“They want to start modestly,” McCarthy claimed. “What happens is, you get a toe-hold of legitimacy of Sharia insinuated into American law and then they build out from there. That’s what they’ve done in Europe… There are numerous ‘no go’ zones where the police and the countries there have basically ceded sovereignty to the Islamists.”

Hannity accepted that at face value, too. Instead of asking McCarthy to support any of his incendiary statements, Hannity drew him out about his theory that liberals are a part of this anti-American conspiracy. “Explain this to me. How is this connected… ‘Islam and the left sabotaging America.’”

McCarthy happily obliged. “Look, the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is a Marxist organization, has been Al Qaeda’s lawyer basically since, certainly since 9/11 and possibly before. There’s a reason for that. The reason the ACLU and CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, work together. Both the Islamists and the left see as their main obstacles to the aspirations that they have for the society that they’d like to see, the destruction of individual liberty, and they see as a major obstacle American Constitutional democracy. They don’t agree on all the particulars but they know that what we cherish as America is something they need to take out.”

Hannity gave his implicit endorsement to that outrageous statement, too, by asking, “Do you think most Americans know the real danger that you’re outlining in this book? …You’re saying that is far more vast than most people think.”

How long until a guest on Fox “just asks” whether it’s time to round up liberals or Democrats into internment camps? Or demands that they wear yellow stars?

Please consider contacting McCarthy and Hannity’s show and asking if they have no sense of decency. You can contact McCarthy via National Review or email the show at hannity@foxnews.com.

Video via Mediaite:

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