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Hannity Smears “Chicano” Author As Anti-White By Taking Quote Out Of Context

Reported by Priscilla - May 26, 2010 -

As the champion of white America feeling wronged, Sean Hannity never wastes an opportunity to demonstrate how poor white folks are being unjustly maligned by those whose skin pigmentation and language are different from Hannity’s. Obviously Sean has taken a page from the nativist playbook that was used, in the 19th century, against those with names like Hannity. Arizona Superintendent of Education Tom Horne is making the media rounds (three appearances so far on Fox) so it wasn’t suprising to see him being interviewed, Monday night, by Sean Hannity - during which time both validated each other’s prejudices.

The segment began with the requisite Hannity fear and loathing of “the other” which Hannity specializes in. He wanted his audience to know that the ethnic studies programs, being abolished in Arizona because they encourage young Hispanics to become revolutionaries (really, that’s the “logic” behind this), contain some really seditious stuff – including (snark alert) criticism of the sacred white man who never did anything wrong in its treatment of Mexican Americans. The title of the Fox video says it all: “Immigration Indoctrination” – as opposed to the kind of right wing indoctrination that Hannity specializes in. Hannity explained that it’s just not the AZ immigration law that is being met with protests. He noted that AZ governor signed a bill prohibiting ethnic studies; i.e. classes that “promote the overthrow of the Govt” (and you thought I was kidding), promote “the resentment of a race” (So I guess we have to teach that slaves were happy and grateful) and classes that are designed for a specific group (read Hispanic studies). Hannity referenced how the Tucson school department is refusing to stop the ethnic studies program because they feel that it doesn’t violate the law. He cited an “investigation” by an Arizona ABC affiliate which “raises serious questions about what students are being taught.” As an example of what Hannity considers to be radical, he cited a textbook, “"Chicano: The History of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement." Hannity said “Now the book begins by proclaiming that thanks to white Americans, quote, ‘Mexicans shared with blacks a debilitating burden of oppression’."

Fact Check: The quote, from the on-line book, is contained in the introduction in which Rosales discusses his conversation with a sergeant in Rosales’ army unit, a fellow Arizona native and a “normally genial and likeable WWII veteran,” who reminded Rosales that when he was growing up “they hanged uppity Mexicans" like Rosales. Rosales continues that “the sergeant's posturing, exaggerated as it might have been, provided one of my first real indications that Mexicans shared with blacks…” The author is reflecting on how he realized, through the bigoted comments of one white American, that Mexicans and Blacks share a history of oppression – an historical reality that Sean Hannity doesn’t understand and what’s worse doesn’t want taught in our schools. Talk about whitewashing…

Hannity went on to compare photos of Chicano activists in the 60’s with today’s Arizona students who are protesting the banning of ethnic studies and doing (gasp) fist pumping. (Never seen from teabaggers!) Hannity explained that the new law bans resentment towards a class of people which was obviously the intent of his visual aids. A LOL moment from Horne when he said that ethnic studies are just like the “Old South.” (No, Tom, your attempt to suppress education among minorities is just like the former Confederacy). He repeated the accusations against the curriculum that he used on Martha MacCallum’s show – “extremely radical, anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise, separatists." While he didn’t use the term “un-American” (note bene, “Johnny”) that was and is the subtext of his commentary. Hannity claimed that the curriculum “says” that the Southwest “should be taken back by Mexico.” Horne cited one of the texts written by a Brazilian Marxist and which has “Marxist all over the footnotes.” Horne said that a student demonstration against him shows that the students are being taught to be “rude.” He said that if he becomes Attorney General he will work towards withholding funds from the seditious (snark here) Tucson school district.

Comment: Tom Horne claims that ethnic studies foster “ethnic chauvinism.” Of course Sean Hannity, former pal of white supremacist Hal Turner, would never engage in ethnic chauvinism - ya think?

Addendum: Regarding the "Raza" curriculum (developed in conjunction with San Francisco State College) that Horne thinks is so radical. Seems like teachers like it. Julie Elvick-Mejia has this to say: "The staff and curriculum of our Mexican-American/Raza Studies Department work in a loving, respectful way to repair the damage caused by years of internalized oppression and to replace a lack of self- and/or cultural identity with a sense of pride and confidence." Sean Arce, director of Tucson’s Mexican-American studies department states that the program helps teachers "build cultural bridges of understanding, and teach the skills students need to understand history.” He adds that the ethnic studies program has reduced the dropout rate and helps students matriculate in college. This information is readiliy available; but Hannity didn't mention it because it wouldn't have fit his narrative of, as the title of the video states, "immigration indoctrination."