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Hannity Prods GOP Senate Candidate To Attack His Opponent

Reported by Ellen - May 26, 2010 -

The first segment of Hannity last night (5/25/10) was such a blatant exercise in (GOP) political opportunism that Fox News producers might as well have put up a “VOTE GOP” banner on the screen. It was bad enough that Hannity was openly enthusiastic about what he saw as the pending impeachment of President Obama over the Joe Sestak job-gate (despite the fact that other experts think the whole thing will amount to nothing) but who did Hannity (with Fox News’ apparent approval) choose as the top guest to exploit analyze the situation? None other than Sestak’s Senate opponent, Pat Toomey. Unfortunately for Hannity, Toomey did not make enough of the opportunity, as Hannity saw it, so he openly prodded Toomey into taking a more aggressive line of attack against Sestak. With video.

“Congressman, thanks for being here, or should I say, ‘Senator?’” Hannity asked by way of opening the discussion.

Then, when Toomey said mildly that Sestak should “come clean” so that they could move on, Hannity expressed his obvious disapproval. “I read your statement from yesterday. It sounded kind of benign to me… I thought, if it was my opponent, I think I’d be a little stronger. I think I’d say ‘One of the two is lying.’”

Toomey, apparently, didn’t have the go-for-the-jugular attitude Hannity was hoping for and, essentially, repeated his earlier comments that Sestak should be “more forthcoming.”

Are we getting to the point, 'What did the president know and when did he know it?'" Hannity asked hopefully.

But Toomey obviously had no appetite for going there.

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