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Hannity Eagerly Anticipating Obama Impeachment Over Non-Existent Sestak-Gate

Reported by Ellen - May 26, 2010 -

Sean Hannity has been full of bullyboy glee at what he thinks is President Obama’s Watergate, the supposed offer by the White House of a job to Rep. Joe Sestak in return for his dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary race. Media Matters has an extensive roundup of experts, including the former chief ethics lawyer for the Bush administration, who believe there is no there there. But in Sean Hannity’s mind, this is the impeachable moment he has been waiting for! “What did the president know and when did he know it?” Hannity crowed more than asked. Hannity also happily imagined that Rahm Emanuel might wind up in jail.

Hannity got right down to brass tacks by announcing that a crime had been committed, even though, as Hannity later admitted, nobody really knows what happened. “A senior administration official and maybe even the president himself is guilty of a crime." His guests, two conservative attorneys, Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow,, were there to "explain… how likely it is that any administration officials could end up behind bars."

A true Great American would probably have been somber if not saddened by the specter of a presidential impeachment. But Hannity was in high spirits at the thought. He asked buoyantly, “High crimes and misdemeanors, Jay?”

Sekulow agreed – in advance of an official inquiry, not to mention a trial – that laws had been broken. “(This) is undercutting democracy… It’s not just one or two sections of federal law that’s been violated here… There could be four or even five sections of the federal criminal code that was violated.”

Hannity sounded hopeful as he cited the now-famous Watergate question, “Are we gonna get to the point, ‘What did the president know and when did he know it?’”

“Oh, I think so,” Sekulow said. “…At the end of the day, Sean, and I really believe this, if the White House does not come clean and come clean very quickly here, I think this tempest in a teapot is going to blow… I think it could go back on the president of the United States very significantly and certainly senior administration officials. Whether someone’s gonna take the fall for this or not, that we’ll see what Washington politics do.”

“Sestak or a grand jury subpoena could clear this up in about 30 seconds,” Toensing said suggestively. She went on to say that she thought it more likely an administration official would “fall on his or her sword” than it was that Obama would be implicated.

Hannity still sounded hopeful as he asked, “Hypothetically, if it was Rahm Emanuel, does he risk potential criminal charges?”

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Sekulow answered and Toensing agreed.

“So Rahm Emanuel would risk going to jail to fall on the sword for the president?” Hannity continued.

“We could find that out pretty soon, Sean, because the reality is that statutes have been violated… It’s a one year sentence for each charge… This is really serious,” Sekulow said.

Hannity said at the end of the segment, “We will stay on this story here at Hannity because I think the public deserves an answer.” Sure he does. Just so long as it’s the answer he wants to hear.

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