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“News” Anchor Martha MacCallum Editorializes On British Abortion Ad

Reported by Priscilla - May 25, 2010 -

As the mouthpiece for “right” America, Fox opinion “News” does seem to tilt toward the anti-choice side of the aisle. Fox is a place where those who oppose a woman’s right to choose are warmly welcomed be it Lila Rose of the Planned Parenthood sting videos or radical, anti-choice zealots like Catholic priest Father Frank Pavone of “Priests for Life” or Randall Terry whose group disrupted town hall meetings and got themselves arrested at one of the Washington DC Tea Party Protests. Bill O’Reilly even earned an award for his denunciation of Dr. Tiller as a “baby killer” – a constant mantra which created a climate in which Tiller was murdered. Sean Hannity provided a supportive milieu for anti-choice extremist Jill Stanek to engage in her crazy talk about how Obama supports “baby killing.” But Martha MacCallum’s show, “America’s Newsroom,” is supposed to be news. And while a report on Britain’s "controversial" first television commercial about abortion is news, Martha’s obvious distress and editorializing about it doesn’t seem to strike the appropriate objective note for a supposed “news” show.

Yesterday, Martha reported on a “very serious story” about a proposed British TV commercial produced by a medical organization which performs abortions. One hopes that MacCallum doesn’t play poker because her facial expression revealed her disgust and dismay about this ad which, for me, was tastefully done. She played the ad titled “are you late?” Greg Palkot reported, from London, on the “battle that is brewing.” Palkot said that it’s probably raising eyebrows in the states as well. (As if it’s any of our business!?) He reported that the ad was scheduled to air last night on a commercial network. He said that the abortion organization defends the ad which was set to air after 10PM. He added that the UK Health services provided their OK for this non-profit to air the ad. MacCallum said that “we’ve all seen these kinds of ads in newspapers, you know in other places like that but to see something like this on television and to think about the kind of talk that it’s gonna provoke, I don’t care what time it’s on. Sooner or later among families you know sit down to watch something. This must be generating a great deal of criticism.” (And it has lots of supporters too, Martha but sshhh, don’t talk about that) Palkot agreed that it is an issue “as it is in the United States.” (Scuse me?) He described the reaction of the British anti-choice crowd which claim it’s supporting abortion “as a life style choice…” Video of British anti-choicers, complete with the requisite crosses, was shown. He repeated the position of the sponsor which seeks to make abortion information available. Martha shook her pretty blond head and said that “it’s incredibly controversial and it’s federally funded at least in part.”

Comment: You know, Martha, in Britain they don’t use the term “federally funded.” I believe the term is “government funded.” Second, if the ad is on after 10PM, families with young children shouldn’t be “sitting down” to watch it. The folks who are watching have probably made up their minds about abortion. And if it somehow becomes a topic of conversation, you know, it’s something that should be a topic of conversation. Shouldn’t parents discuss reproductive options with their children? And you know, they can spin it whatever way they want, depending on their particular world view. But you know, Martha, you really shouldn’t be spinning for the anti choice lobby because that’s opinion and you are, you know, officially, on Fox “News.”