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Gretchen Carlson Tells Teachers To Speak English!

Reported by Priscilla - May 25, 2010 -

Unlike Martha MacCallum’s “news” show, Fox & Friends is officially “opinion” so I guess it’s all good that Gretchen Carlson is in agreement, as was Martha MacCallum, with Arizona Superintendent of Education, Tom Horne. On MacCallum's show, Horne defended the abolishment of ethnic studies in Arizona schools. She provided validation.Today he defended Arizona’s attempts to send teachers with “heavy accents” (read Hispanic) to re-education camp (that's snark for all of you snark challenged folks). Gretchen Carlson provided validation. The gang at Fox & Friends are patriotic Americans (read white) who have no problem with the potential for racial profiling in the new Arizona law; so it’s not surprising that they have no problem with “profiling” those teachers who have “furrin” accents. Obviously teachers with heavy American “regional” accents are not a problem for Gretchen who only has a hint of Minnesota in her carefully, crafted media voice. But it is a problem in Arizona and Gretchen Carlson provided affirmation for a man who seeks to eradicate not only ethnic studies in Arizona – but accents as well. Gotta love Fox & Friends – America’s non ethnic morning show supporting Arizona’s whitening program and I don’t mean teeth!

Wearing a nice white frock, the Nordic looking former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson introduced the new Arizona “controversy” about Arizona teachers having to pass strong English proficiency standards. The chyron read: "Heavy Accents = Reassignment, AZ Teachers Must Meet English Standards." She introduced her guest, Tom Horne, without noting that he is a Republican candidate for Arizona attorney general. She said, to Horne, that he says that he has been enacting policy passed 10 years ago “that sounds so, I guess, right” (she leaned into the camera) “that if you’re teaching English you have to be speaking English, right.” She worked her best “righteous” expression. Horne said that teachers need to be proficient. Carlson asked if the reason why he’s now “under fire” was because of the new immigration law “that now they’re looking at you closer.” (Hey Gretch, how about because he’s a candidate for state office?) Horne talked about how, as school superintendent, he enforced the law that banned bi-lingual education. He noted that his office monitored teachers’ proficiency in English. (Wonder if non Hispanic teachers were also monitored?) He accused the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal of recently writing a story that was “totally false” that the schools had just started enforcing the policy and claimed that “it’s not a matter of accent” but of being proficient in English which includes grammar and pronunciation so that students understand what is being taught. He claimed that the “distorted story” caused him national media attention. (Don’t worry, Fox has got your back). Gretch communicated the message for the day: “Today, you’re setting the record straight, you’re doing it eight years, it’s a law, and by court order you have to do it.” Gretch had a sweet expression on her face when he said that he is acting according to the law. He said that even if it weren’t a law, it’s common sense to which Gretch said “sometimes common sense doesn’t appear to be that way to some people.” She thanked him for “setting the record straight.”

Comment: The biased interview, contained in the report titled “reassignment of teachers,” had no mention of "reassignment" - which is the title of the Fox video. If the subject was, as indicated on the chyron, “reassignment of teachers” why didn’t Gretch ask any pertinent questions what the standards are, who evaluates them, and what does reassignment mean. Are teachers taken out of the classroom and reassigned to remedial education or another school? Are all teachers being monitored or does this apply to just Hispanics. I don’t know if Fox & Friends will interview any school officials or teachers but even if they do, this “interview” stands alone as a totally biased piece. Rather than asking real questions, Gretch allowed this political candidate (not mentioned) to defend himself without explaining any of the details of this policy other than it being court ordered. If Gretch had read the WSJ report she could have asked him to rebut specific points. If Fox & Friends imposed grammatical and public speaking standards, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade would be out of a job!