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Steve Doocy Smears Mexican President As Hypocrite Because Mexico’s Immigration Laws Are Tougher Than Ours!?!

Reported by Priscilla - May 24, 2010 -

When Mexican President Felipe Calderon appeared before Congress and criticized the sacred, new Arizona immigration law, over the possibility of racial profiling, right wingers had a collective freak out – how dare this brown furriner criticize the sainted USA which would never engage in racial profiling! Fox’s Steve Doocy said that it was a “gigantic lie” that racial profiling could occur under the Arizona law. Never mind the fact that law enforcement officers in Arizona do assert that profiling is a real possibility. But denial isn’t enough for the nativist right wing krewe who have added another weapon in their arsenal of agitprop. The new right wing meme is how dare this brown furriner talk about our immigration laws when Mexico’s are even worse. The right wing Moonie (whoops Washington) Times accused Calderon of hypocrisy. Today, Fox chum, Steve Doocy, aided and abetted this meme by interviewing somebody who lived in Mexico and thus, his word is gospel. And as with Martha MacCallum’s interview of just a plain Texas mom (not) who opined about liberal bias in Texas texts and a plain Minnesota mom (not) who designs Tea Party couture, Doocy’s guest wasn’t exactly just a concerned citizen.

Former weather guy Steve Doocy began his report, “Eye on Immigration,” with a video of Filipe Calderon’s address before Congress. He pointed out that Calderon, who “publicly slammed Arizona’s immigration law,” shook hands with Nancy Pelosi. He played some of Calderon’s commentary. Taking a page from the Washington Times the agitprop chyron: “Calderon’s Hypocrisy, Mexico’s Immigration Law Similar To AZ.” Doocy asked “given Mexico’s tough immigration laws, is it President Calderon’s place to offer criticism to all of us.” Of course the Fox answer is a resounding NO! He introduced his guest Allan Wall who lived in Mexico for 17 years while working as an English teacher. Second agitprop chyron: “Is AZ Policy Really ‘Draconian?’ Inside Look At Mexico’s Immigration Laws.” (Do Fox viewers know what “Draconian” means?) Doocy kept the propaganda rolling with his question: “You think it’s ironic that Felipe Calderon…lectures us on how to treat people and you would know, you’re Exhibit A, they would never tolerate that kind of treatment in their own country.” (Huh?) Wall claimed that Mexico’s immigration policy is stricter than the US and said that he tried to comply with Mexican immigration law in the way that Mexicans in the US should comply with our law. Doocy said “sure.” Get this chyron: “Pot Calling The Kettle Black? Mexico’s President Slams AZ Law.” Wall said Calderon was “way out of order and hypocritical.” Doocy said “yeah.” Doocy shook his head in disbelief when Wall said that immigrants need to have a guaranteed job or independent source of income. Another chyron: “Mexican President Slams US Policy.” Doocy guffawed as he said that if you want something translated into your native language in Mexico “that’s not going to happen even though we do that here, right?” Wall said “you’re on your own” and that the schools don’t provide bi-lingual education. (Hmm, then how do all those Mexicans learn to speak English?) Doocy said that “we are doing that in a wide variety of ways.”

Comment: As a propaganda piece, that was an A+. The Arizona law was whitewashed, Calderon was smeared, Mexico was painted as tougher on immigrants than the US, and the US was painted as being too tolerant of those bad brown people. But here’s the deal about Wall. He is a strong supporter of the Arizona law and appears to take a nativist position on immigration. He wrote an article condemning the US policy on “anchor babies” (Michelle Malkin?) for David Horowitz’s right wing “Front Page Magazine.” He also contributes to VDARE, an anti immigrant website. Here’s a good one: “Mexican Mewling, Hispanic Hysteria—American Patriots Must Support Arizona’s SB 1070.” Wall's VDARE articles show up on StormFront, a white supremacist website. But the notion that Mexican immigration law is stricter than the Arizona law doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Being an illegal in Mexico isn’t a crime( it was decriminalized in 2008) but an administrative transgression. As such, nobody goes to jail if they’re caught. They just pay a fine. They only get deported if caught by immigration officials. If police stop somebody, they can’t ask for immigration status. The police can only notify immigration if the person volunteers that they are in the country illegally. When Wall noted that immigrants to Mexico need a guaranteed job, he didn’t mention that many of the undocumented, here in this country, were specifically “recruited” by American businesses. He also didn’t note that the US only gives 5,000 visas a year for low skilled workers. But let’s keep the focus on the immigrants and not on the reason why they’re here. Classic Fox propaganda.

A Fox defender blog claims that the interview segments on Fox & Friends are not “reports” but merely interviews. However, as the interview is part of an attempt to present an issue, it is also a report as evidenced by this segment which was actually titled - as were the numerous reports on the “Texas Textbook War" which included interviewes with right wingers. The same Fox lover claims that Fox & Friends provides balance with interviews which feature folks from the other side. But if somebody doesn’t see the other interview, they’re left with the one in which the Fox Fiends offer no rebuttal and agree with the right wing talking points. Propaganda delivered. Not exactly “fair & balanced.” But then Fox & Friends is just opinion….