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Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Of The Day: Revisionist History At The Washington Monument!

Reported by Ellen - May 24, 2010 -

Co-authored by Democritus

On Friday (5/21/10), Glenn Beck interviewed author Peter Lillback, who has written a book about George Washington, as part of Beck’s Founders’ Friday series. The object of the interview was not to discuss Washington, per se, but to argue that progressive scholars have rewritten history to hide George Washington's Christianity. In reality, Beck and Lillback rewrote history to promote a Christian agenda. With video.

Historians debate Washington’s religiosity but Beck and Lillback declared with certainty that Washington was a devout Christian.

Part of the “proof” of Washington’s Christianity was the engraving on the Washington Monument, “Laus Deo,” which means, "Praise be to God." What Beck and Lillback forgot to tell the audience is that there are four other engravings on the monument, none of which are religious in nature, and, more importantly, that the building was designed fifty years after Washington died. Nevertheless, Lillback alleged that he has heard so “so many times it must be true,” that “there is a copy of the top of the Washington Monument that’s on display in a museum in Washington. But it has been carefully turned so you can’t see the Latin words.” Beck promised to investigate that further!

Lillback argued, with Beck’s obvious approval, that progressive scholars deliberately altered history to hide Washington's Christianity. Who, exactly, these people were, and how they succeeded in doing this, Beck did not ask and Lillback never explained. Lillback merely said, “A devout, evangelical, Christian Founding Father didn’t play well for those that wanted to move beyond Christian influence in government and western civilization. So they needed a more secular Washington. And scholars found a way to present him in that form.”

Lillback also argued that some scholars missed Washington’s Christianity because they didn’t recognize quotes from the Bible in his writings. Well, that just proves it! It's incredibly unlikely that a man baptized and living in a Christian culture would ever use religious language if he weren't a devout Christian! Certainly a late 18th century Deist would never use religious language or even mention the most popular book in human history in his writings, speeches, letters, etc. Certainly, a man born into a predominantly Protestant society would never have read the world's most significant book and quoted from it.

Another part of this supposed secular conspiracy was the closing of the stairs in the Washington monument. Some people say the stairs were closed because of the “wear and tear” (read “vandalism”) on the memorial stones set into the walls and because park officials were concerned about the health risks due to the 20-minute, 50- flight stair climb. But to Lillback, this was “a form of historical revisionism” that was also part of the secular cover up. “They don’t want you to see as you go up the stairs that (on the stones) there are Bible verses from the proverbs all the way up to the top.” Well, except for the stones that you can look at on the web.

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