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Instead Of Responding To Goldline Inquiry, Glenn Beck Chows Down On A Wiener And Whines About The McCarthyesque Conspiracy Trying To Silence Him

Reported by Ellen - May 23, 2010 -

Poor Glenn Beck. He earned $23 million last year using violent, race-based rhetoric and conducting witch hunts against those who have either become convenient targets for him or those who have dared to criticize him. And he has capitalized on all that hate mongering and fear mongering partly thanks to a very cozy relationship he has with a precious metals company, Goldline International, which sponsors his radio show and his TV show. But now Rep. Anthony Weiner is bearing down on Goldline’s questionable, high pressure sales tactics to bilk their customers into bad investments – and the way that Beck has helped to enable those tactics by promoting both an apocalyptic vision of the American economy, promoting gold as an alternate investment and even promoting Goldline. Rather than respond to Weiner’s allegations like a grownup, or even reassure his viewers that Goldline is the real deal, Beck played the Blago card on The O’Reilly Factor Friday (5/21/10) and claimed that the whole thing is just a big conspiracy against him. To prove just how much he was not taking the charges serously, Beck gorged himself on a hot dog or, you might say, a wiener, during the discussion. With video.

The hot dog prompted a series of jokes between Beck and O'Reilly that were cheesier than a Catskill comedian.

“Are you a cannibal, are you eating wiener?” O’Reilly asked.

Beck gave back as good as he got, “Do you know technically, he’s the only Weiner in Congress?”

Then, after making light of Weiner, or so Beck apparently thought, it was time to go on the victimhood offense. “It’s almost like Weiner is going after something else,” Beck whined, meaning that he, Beck, was Weiner’s real target.

Beck spent only a few moments defending Goldline or his relationship to it. He shrugged off Weiner’s objections by saying the company got an A+ credit rating from the Better Business Bureau.

As it happens, Mother Jones did its own investigative report into Goldline that was just as damning. Reporter Stephanie Mencimer found, “It doesn't take much more than a big fat check to the BBB to get the erstwhile consumer agency to grant a company its highest ranking. According to the Los Angeles Times, most of the bureau's funding comes from selling 'accreditations' to businesses.”

But Beck had plenty of time for and interest in talking about the conspiracy against him. He began by citing as “evidence” the fact that “one of (Weiner’s) main people” used to work for Media Matters.

O’Reilly pressed somewhat to get Beck to address the issue seriously, saying that Weiner’s objection is that Beck scares people “by saying the economy’s going to hell.”

Beck completely missed the point. He defended himself by saying that Paul Volcker had said, “’We’re running out of time.'" Beck added, "It’s almost like I’m not the only one saying it.” But, unlike Beck. Volcker is not simultaneously promoting and getting enriched from a company that benefits from that forecast.

O’Reilly ignored the Volcker digression. “If Weiner is working with people in Congress or in the White House to try to destroy you, that’s not a joke, Beck. Then I have to get involved and defend you.”

Beck deflected again, this time to go after his usual scapegoats, as if that proved the conspiracy against him. “…Here’s the thing… So it wasn’t a joke when Jim Wallis, the spiritual and political advisor of President Barack Obama is boycotting me…. Then, you have Andy Stern, SEIU, SEIU! Leading a boycott, trying to put me out of business. Hah! There’s two people that are targets of mine.”

I suspect Beck meant to say that those are two people who are targeting him but his Freudian slip was correct. Those are two people Beck relentlessly attacks.

And what would a Beck attack session be without a mention of Van Jones?

Beck continued, “Van Jones! His organization: Leading a boycott! You have AFL-CIO, (its President) Trumka coming out and saying, ‘We’re gonna do something about the Beck problem.’ Really? And now Weiner.”

Before stuffing another piece of hot dog in his mouth, Beck said, “Please call me to testify. Please! I’ll be so respectful.”

O’Reilly seemed to see what Beck did not: That this is not a situation to take lightly. “Of all of those people… Weiner is the one you should take seriously,” O’Reilly told him.

O’Reilly said Weiner will be on The Factor next week.

Glenn Beck's $23 million, McCarthyesque chickens may well be coming home to roost. If he wants to ignore the issues and behave like a Morning Zoo version of Rod Blagojevich, he's likely to end up with the same kind of credibility.

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