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Fox News Trumpets A Democrat Supporting Arizona Immigration Law

Reported by Ellen - May 22, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

It’s hard to recall any fanfare at Fox News when Republican Marco Rubio criticized the Arizona immigration law but when the “fair and balanced” folks at Fox dug up a Democrat, Rhode Island State Representative Peter Palumbo, who supports the law and wants to enact a similar one for his state, they not only brought him on Your World with Neil Cavuto, they trumpeted his party affiliation in the video and in the Foxnews.com description of the video. Cavuto, in a nod toward balance, revealed his own prejudices by suggesting that the terms “Hispanic” and “Mexican” are interchangeable when it comes to illegal immigrants in Arizona. With video.

Palumbo told Cavuto on Thursday (5/20/10), "I'm just trying to show support for our brethren in Arizona, and I put a bill in that mirrors the Arizona law. I put an act in in 2008 which was the Taxpayer and Citizens Protection Act which was the same bill that Arizona put in back then, and I just think it's a shame that we’d have other cities in the country that would talk about boycotting a state for merely trying to protect themselves."

Cavuto said, “In Arizona, …probably and largely, the illegal immigrants are Hispanic, most of the time. In Rhode Island, what’s the issue?”

Cavuto almost certainly meant that the bulk of illegal immigrants in Arizona are “Mexican” whereas that is probably not the case in Rhode Island (those demographics are confirmed by the Pew Hispanic Center). But the fact that Cavuto would think “Hispanic” is interchangeable with “Mexican” when it comes to illegal immigration speaks volumes about his mindset.

Not that Palumbo seemed to notice or care. “You don’t need to be a border community, a border state, to have problems with illegals… We have somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 illegal aliens in our state, the effect of that is somewhere between $150 million to $350 million in taxpayer dollars each year that we’re spending on illegal aliens.” Actually, in 2008, the figure for Rhode Island was 20-40,000, so Palumbo seems to have been using the high “vicinity.”

Palumbo claimed to have a "dozen co-sponsors" for his bill. He added, "Thank God for Fox News because you see a lot of the other stations who are putting the minority comments on this bill. There's a large majority of people in support of this."

Just what did Palumbo mean by “minority comments?” Cavuto didn’t ask. He merely said, "We have the bill for everyone to read."

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