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William LaJeunesse Is So "Fair And Balanced" - Not!

Reported by Priscilla - May 21, 2010 -

William LaJeunesse is a reporter for Fox News who has been covering the "Texas Textbook Wars" from Texas. He also found the time to write a column for the Fox News website about this "controversy." While he attempts to provide an overview of the situation, the bias is front and center. Check this out: "The battle lines are drawn. On one side are conservatives, who contend academia has been hijacked by liberals. A point supported by studies that show 90 percent of humanities teachers identify themselves as Democrats. And nowhere is their bias more visible than the one-sided treatment of American history in U.S. textbooks, where words like ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ have been stricken, ‘Founding Fathers’ has been replaced by ‘Framers’ and ‘Founders’ and racial quota’s are applied to the number of photos used in any one book." A little editorializing here?

Racial quotas - got facts, William? And FYI, William, there were women involved in the American Revolution. "Founding Fathers" is an antiquated term which has been replaced by "Founders" as it is more inclusive. It's used in academia - not that the folks in Texas and you folks at Fox care about that. Keep it simple. Give us that old time American history, light, bright, and very white!

It's obvious why William LaJeunesse works for Fox "News!" But hey, if the Texas Board of Education gets its way, there will be lots more like William.