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Hannity Asks His “Fun” Conspiracy Question: Did Democrats Leak Blumenthal/Viet Nam Story To The New York Times?

Reported by Ellen - May 21, 2010 -

The marriage of political opportunism and “news” at Fox News reached striking heights – or depths, depending on your point of view – with the Richard Blumenthal/Viet Nam/New York Times story. First, the Times broke the story that Connecticut Democratic Senatorial candidate Blumenthal had misrepresented his military service – with the help of one of his GOP opponents who has admitted playing “some role with our research.” Fox News predictably jumped on the story (in a way it did not with the resignation of “family values” Republican Mark Souder). Last night (5/20/10), Sean Hannity used the controversy as an excuse to boost host that same Blumenthal opponent. And as if that were not enough GOP activism for one segment, Hannity suggested that the real source of the Times story was a Democratic operative. It’s too bad Dick Morris couldn’t have been there. I’m sure he would have located the hand of Hillary Clinton in it somewhere. But, sadly, poor Hannity had to soldier on (pardon the pun) alone. With video.

At about the 3:40 mark in his interview with Republican Linda McMahon, Hannity said, “For all our liberal monitoring friends out there in their underwear, in a bunker somewhere, hoping I say something silly, this is a FUN conspiratorial question: I’m always suspicious when the New York Times breaks a story on the Democrat, because they don’t do that very often. They’re a stridently left, radically left newspaper… So here’s my question. They broke this story. They had a follow up editorial. And I’m thinking, ‘Alright, where did this come from?’ You think there’s any outside chance that maybe there are some Democrats that want him out of the race? Because maybe Chris Dodd wants back in or is that way out in conspiracy right field?”

McMahon said, “I don’t know about a conspiracy, Sean. I can tell you that The New York Times did break this story. Some of our research I think helped them, later on, after they had broken the story. So, I don’t know about a conspiracy out there.”

Hannity said, “And you had no role whatsoever in The New York Times breaking the story.”

McMahon said, “They had initiated the story. We contributed some research to the story for The New York Times but they initiated, they did the research (well, except for the part McMahon has already admitted her campaign did), they did all the verification for it.”

So here’s my conspiracy question: Hannity is a stridently conservative, radically partisan conservative news host… You think there’s any outside chance that maybe he knew the New York Times story was not holding up as well as he’d hope, that he knew that McMahon was not looking so great for having admitted to contributing “some research” and he wanted to deflect any and all blame to Democrats?

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