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Fox Business’ John Stossel: It’s Time Now To Repeal Part Of The Civil Rights Act Because Private Businesses Ought To Be Able To Discriminate

Reported by Ellen - May 21, 2010 -

I guess it was inevitable that the same network that employs the racially-challenged Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity would debate “the right to discriminate,” as Foxnews.com described a discussion on America LIve with Megyn Kelly and John Stossel yesterday (5/20/10). And the fact that it helped take the heat off Republican Rand Paul’s candidacy didn’t hurt the Fox News producers much, either, I’m sure. But Stossel’s statement, “I won’t ever go to a place that’s racist but it should be their right to be racist,” sent chills down my spine. What’s next on the “fair and balanced” network? A debate about whether lynching should be revived? To be fair, host Megyn Kelly, whom I have criticized many times for her questionable racial attitudes, did a fine job rebutting and balancing Stossel. With video.

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