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The Fox News Witch Hunt Against Asst. Secretary Of State Posner Continues

Reported by Ellen - May 20, 2010 -

Yesterday, I reported on Fox News’ latest witch hunt for an Obama administration official: Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner. Just as they did with Van Jones before him, Fox News has taken a soundbite from Posner, twisted its meaning into something he never meant and then foamed at the mouth that he must be anti-American. On Tuesday’s (5/18/10) O’Reilly Factor, Alan Colmes did an excellent job of thwarting the agenda. But last night (5/19/10), O’Reilly found a like-minded guest to help join in the attack. How these people, who are constantly standing in angry judgment against the large section of their countrymen who happen to be Democratic and/or liberal, can pass themselves off as the ultimate America lovers is beyond me. Last night, Miller cranked up his hatred for Posner, Obama and saved room for Rev. Wright and Felipe Calderon and still managed to posture as a patriot. With video.

Why does anyone care what Miller thinks, anyway? He’s a third-rate comedian who bombed so badly on Hannity & Colmes that the funniest part of his appearances was watching the very un-amused cohosts pretend otherwise. It may have been the only thing they agreed upon – that and shunting Miller off to the O’Reilly Factor where he has spewed his diatribes every Wednesday night since.

O’Reilly began by sneering that Posner has said he was misinterpreted. But there was no attempt to investigate and let the “we report, you decide” network’s audience figure out what Posner had exactly said, what he had meant and its context, which, as Think Progress reported, was an effort to highlight the openness of American society on the subject of human rights. Although O’Reilly later said that someone from the State Department would speak on behalf of Posner on Friday, O’Reilly gave no indication that there was anything worth finding out that might make him change his mind in any way. Instead, he played the soundbite the right wingers have used as “proof” that Posner “apologized” to the Chinese about the United States’ record on human rights. And then he brought on Dennis Miller to add to the pile on.

Miller similarly ignored the possibility that Posner had in reality been talking up the United States, not apologizing for it. Miller, who looks and talks like he thinks he’s some kind of hep cat from the 50’s, said, “You got a mid-level apparatchik apple-polisher and all of a sudden, he’s apologizing to China? …I’m getting’ sick of them apologizing for us. Why not just get a groveling czar?”

O’Reilly said, “When a guy like Posner, if you look at his background – we did this yesterday (O’Reilly’s “look” consisted of cherrypicking a few facts that supposedly validated the vilification) – He’s as far left as you can get. I mean, he could go camping with Hugo Chavez and they’d both have a great time around the campfire. That’s how far left this guy is. What is he doing there?”

Soon, O'Reilly and Miller were off to smear Obama over Rev. Wright and the state visit from Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon. Miller said, “Really awkward moment at the press conference when Calderon accidentally knocked his podium over and the six illegals spilled out. But thank God Barack was there with the wonka tickets to make them all immigration czars, cover the whole situation up.”

Hahaha… Not.

Miller claimed that after 16 months, he has now figured out the Obama administration, despite giving them “a wide berth” before. Yeah, a wide berth full of smears and sneers. But now Daddy-O Miller was willing to say, “I think on his bad days, President Obama and his administration are ashamed of this country. I think on his best days, he’s embarrassed by it. Do I think he’s capable of being proud of this country? I do, but only when he gets it looking exactly, exactly as he thinks it should look.”

And I’d say that Miller is not capable of going a day without attacking his country unless it looks exactly as he thinks it should look. And really, even he must know somewhere inside himself that taking aging-hipster digs at liberals is not the same thing as patriotism.

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