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Martha MacCallum Promotes Christian Conservative Texas Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - May 20, 2010 -

“America’s Newsroom” is supposed to be part of the “fair and balanced” Fox “news” programming. But funny – Martha does seem to be right on board with issues near and dear to the conservatives who pull the strings at Fox News and those conservatives who are the core demo for Fox “News.” Martha was very sympathetic towards Franklin Graham’s perceived “diss” from the Pentagon. She enthusiastically promoted Prayer Day. Last week, during an interview with the right wing Arizona Superintendent of Education, she agreed with him that ethnic studies curriculum and texts seem to encourage youth to be un-American. So rather than a “news” program, Martha would seem to be part of Fox “opinion.” Today she hosted a Texas mother who is concerned about the pernicious dangers of allowing the libruls to force their evil notions onto the Texas curriculum which the conservative, Christian, creationists on the Texas Board of Education have molded into a paragon of truth, justice, and the American way. Fair and balanced – LOL!

MacCallum provided the backstory of how today’s Texas curriculum vote will have a nationwide impact. The visual was a blow up of a textbook page about that evil, seditious, and satanic subject of Evolution which, one assumes, her audience fears and loathes. She introduced a Texas mom, Terry Ann Kelly, who is concerned about what the kids are larning. Ms. Kelly said that after she looked at the current social studies standards, she drove herself to Austin to testify at the Board of Education hearing. She was happy that the majority (the conservative creationists) agree with her. MacCallum said that, yesterday, she interviewed a member of the Texas Board of Education and “there was somebody holding signs up about Palestine” and “there’s a lot out there of what exactly is being changes in these books.” She asked Kelly to clarify. Kelly said that she wants students taught, in a fair way, about their religious freedom and lurched into lala land when she said that the separation of church and state is a concept that’s been “blown out of proportion” and “children have lost their religious freedom on public school campuses.” Martha claimed, without anything to support her statement, that there were things in there that were “negative to the free market, about capitalism and the free market, right?” Gotta love it. Martha articulates a point used by those conservatives who support the changes made by the conservatives and then asks a conservative if she is right – D’uuuhhh.

Kelly said that it was more “semantics” that are being turned into a political argument. Right – the conservatives felt that “capitalism” had a negative connotation so the word has been replaced by the “free market.” Still in lala land, Kelly referenced how “in God we trust” is on our money” (Holy crap, doesn’t she know that was added to the currency in the 40’s) and that teaching about this doesn’t mean that teachers are teaching religion. Kelly, who obviously wants the public schools turned into Christian madrassahs, said that “kids feel stifled when it comes to their religious beliefs and their faith and they’re not really sure because of this concept of church and state, what they’re even allowed to talk about or even sometimes think” While she was speaking, MacCallum nodded her head in agreement. Martha said that “it’s good that you folks are taking a close look at this, it affects what’s happening in our country. I know when most of are done with their textbooks we don’t want to look at them again.” (Did Martha even open hers?) She added how important it is for parents to review books because “kids believe what they read at that age and you have to make sure that they’re getting a fair and balanced” (ROFLMAO!!!) “perspective.” She thanked Terry and said “good to speak with you.”

Comment: So there are God fearing Texas kids, in the corner, losing their religious because of the way the “Establishment Clause” is being taught?! Lawdie, you just can’t made this stuff up. Meanwhile, you have MacCallum, who spoke with a member of the Texas education board and rather than articulating what their points were, in order for Kelly to rebut, asked Kelly to clarify. Kelly’s “clarification” was more blithering about religious freedom. There was no attempt, by MacCallum, to require Kelly to be specific. It’s not as though the information isn’t out there – but a question about Thomas Jefferson, being dropped as an “Enlightenment “ figure might have been beyond Kelly’s pay grade! Terry is the perfect guest for a mindless “news” show that panders to those who, one suspects, share Kelly’s views. Her testimony, at the hearing, was about “persecution of a kindergarten girl reprimanded for singing “Jesus Love Me” and older girl yanked from the school talent show for interpretative dance that included a Christian cross.” As I said, you just can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a thing that Ms. Kelly’s pals have changed – something that “news” woman MacCallum could have asked about: “The slave trade would be renamed the “Atlantic triangular trade.” Right, the slaves weren’t really people, they were commodities – part of the “free market.” Yeah, Martha, people should be concerned about this and demand, as specified in a bill before the California state legislature, that any Texas textbook be thoroughly reviewed before adoption. America’s Newsroom” might be American and might be in a room – but it’s really not “real news” – “fair and balanced.”