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Megyn Kelly Tries Her Best To Push Miss Oklahoma Into Mouthing Right-Wing Talking Points On Miss USA Pageant And Arizona Immigration Law

Reported by Ellen - May 19, 2010 -

I almost felt sorry for Megyn Kelly as she repeatedly tried and failed to push Miss Oklahoma, the runner up in the Miss USA Pageant, into becoming the kind of right-wing poster child Carrie Prejean made herself into last year. Unlike Prejean, Kelly was dealing with a woman with real class and character with Miss Oklahoma. Kelly, who is supposed to be part of Fox News’ “objective news” line up, as opposed to part of its opinion show line up, only succeeded in making herself look cheesy. With video.

Kelly signaled where she wanted to go right from the start, with her opening. “Some saying the first runner-up, Miss Oklahoma, was wrongly denied the title because she answered a question about Arizona’s immigration law this way,” Kelly said.

Well, maybe some say that but not Morgan Woollard, Miss Oklahoma! She told Kelly that in no uncertain terms. “I felt that I dealt with the answer… in a diplomatic manner.”

Kelly went on and on like that, trying to push Woollard into saying something negative about the question, the results and the winner (who just happens to be Muslim) but to no avail.

Kudos to Woollard for refusing to allow herself to be a pawn in the Fox News game of divisiveness.

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