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Bill O’Reilly Advances Right Wing Meme: Miss Oklahoma Was Victim Of Politics

Reported by Priscilla - May 19, 2010 -

During his “Reality Check” segment, last night, Bill opined on the recent Miss USA pageant. He began by commenting that Miss Oklahoma came in second and that “there is speculation that her stance on the Arizona illegal immigration Law (actually it’s titled Cooperation and Assistance In Enforcement of Immigration Laws; Indemnification) might have influenced the judges. He played the video of Miss Oklahoma saying that she is “a huge believer in states rights” because “it’s so wonderful for America” and that the Arizona law is “perfectly fine.” She did say that she doesn’t believe in racial profiling so it’s all good. Bill then noted that a Muslim American woman won the pageant but “three minutes after” some steamy videos of her emerged” (and one suspects that Bill has already downloaded them). He then congratulated her “and all of that.” Wow, curb your enthusiasm, Bill. But wait, I’m confused.

First, who are the “speculators” other than the rabid right who went into a collective freak out over a Muslim woman beating a good conservative supporter of states’ rights? Second, didn’t Bill, in an interview with “the lad” magazine “Stuff,” say that women in Muslim countries are "the most unattractive women in the world” and that "You can't see them. So you are assuming that, if [they're] dressed head to toe in black and I can only see eyebrows, there's something going on." He went on to say that his favorite females are Norwegian and Thai. Bill O’Reilly is such a ladies man!