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Steve Doocy Promotes More Radical Right Texas Textbook Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - May 18, 2010 -

The “Texas Textbook War” isn’t over. The final vote on the right wing revisionist standards will take place this week. Not surprisingly, Fox & Friends is, as part of their pro-revisionist coverage of the “war,” reported on the latest volleys being fired from the evil, librul, athiest reality based education community. Not surprisingly, Fox & Friends hosted an attorney from the radical right wing with nobody, from the other side, proffering a rebuttal. There’s a war on American History happening and we know where Fox & Friends has planted its battle flag!

Former weather guy, Steve Doocy explained that the Texas Board of Education is close to “hammering out its social studies curriculum” and that a final vote is expected this week. He introduced Jonathan Saenz, legislative director of the right wing Liberty Legal Institute and Chess Long, an Iraq war vet and father of four. We last saw Mr. Saenz, in March, during the Fox & Friends full court press to support the right wing revisionist changes to the Texas curriculum. Saenz said that “”liberal, left wing activists,” are trying to change history to suit their agenda which includes “going after Christianity.” It’s May and here’s Johnny saying more of the same old, same old. Doocy wanted to know which evildoers are “trying to delay this vote.” Saenz (ready for it) named the usual suspects – the ACLU, an atheist group, fringe liberal groups (yeah, those smarty pants college teachers). He claimed that lots of people are saying that the Texas “standards” are just dandy. The agitprop chyron could have been describing the creationist crew who want the revisionist curriculum: “Rewriting History? Critics of School Board Protest Vote.” Doocy did the usual “Texas textbooks are bought all across the country” and asked what things “have been on the chopping block.” Saenz claimed that some teacher groups wanted to “take out the Liberty Bell, Christmas, Albert Einstein and sections that talk about the religious impact on government.” (Right, the Christian Dominionist baloney about America as a “Christian Nation.”) He added that “thankfully” these changes were rejected by the “elected State Board of Education.” (He didn’t note that those who opposed the right wing changes walked out of the final meeting). He claimed that now that the “corrections” have been made, the other side wants to delay and that’s why (ready for it) the ACLU and the atheists are involved because they “want their version of religion taught.” He blithered about how, if these evildoers get their way, the Alamo can’t be taught because that was a “Catholic mission.” Doocy said “good point” when Saenz claimed that they might not be able to talk about Martin Luther King because Christianity had an impact. (Yeah, and so did segregationist policies). He repeated the bad word again when he said “we don’t want that kind of censorship that the atheists want.” The chyron reinforced the bad word: “Some Pushing For Vote Delay, ACLU, Atheists Among the Board Critics.” Doocy read a statement from the atheists group that said that Texas students “deserve better from the people elected to make sure they get a good education.” The other guest, former Marine, Chess Long, said that he was involved because he wants social studies to be taught accurately.

Comment: Because this was straight out propaganda, neither Doocy nor Saenz provided the correct information that the delay is being sought by a group of university educators (hardly “fringe liberals”) because they feel that “the integrity of the curriculum revision process has been compromised.” They note that “A far-right faction of the board succeeded in injecting conservative ideals into social studies, history, and economics lessons.” Hispanic politicians and educators are also in agreement with the delay because they say that the “new curriculum minimizes the contributions of minorities.” The ACLU states that “The State Board of Education has abused its power by inserting their narrow, personal beliefs.” Neither Doocy nor Saenz mentioned that the new changes include a defense of Joe McCarthy, the teaching of the “unintended consequences” of the Great Society legislation including affirmative action and Title IX, and the dropping of Thomas Jefferson from a list of Enlightenment figures whose writing inspired revolutions. Not mentioned was that along with teaching Martin Luther King, students will learn of the “violence” of the Black Panther movement. In the talk about what the evil libruls wanted to remove, there was no mention that Dolores Huerta, a founding member of the United Farm Workers, was removed because she was a socialist. Saenz is concerned that Christianity is being attacked; but he didn’t mention that a Catholic member of the Board, Mary Helen Berlanga, is concerned that evangelical Christianity is being pushed to the detriment of other faiths. And you won’t hear anything contrary on Fox & Friends which is a dumbed down and very partisan morning show which is pushing a dumbed down, and very partisan view of a history that they seek to change in order to conform to the Christian right narrative that Fox & Friends is relentlessly promoting.