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Fox News' Senior Judicial Analyst: Arizona Immigration Law Means Police Can Find A Pretext To Stop Someone

Reported by Guest Blogger - May 18, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Aunty Em

According to an article on The Raw Story, by David Edwards, Fox News’ Legal Eagle (aka Senior Judicial Analyst), Judge Andrew Napolitano, believes the feds will enjoin Arizona’s Anti-Illegal Law. This would prevent it from being enforced while it’s before the courts, which could take a very long time. The Judge used the same reasonable argument against the “Papers Please Law” from my column of last week, where I pointed out that anytime one is stopped by police it is “lawful contact.”

From Raw Story:

"You know how police can find a pretext to stop someone," Napolitano told Jarrett.

"I'm not suggesting an ignoble purpose. They may really believe that the person is an illegal immigrant who doesn't belong here. They have to find some way to have the lawful contact so they can so they can get to the illegal immigrant," explained Napolitano.

It could be as simple as "I looked at him and he looked the other way," according to the Fox legal analyst.

"The basis for a lawful contact, the threshold is so low and so easy to achieve. That's the fear," said Napolitano.

"Will all cops do that? No. Will some cops do that? Probably," he suggested.

Napolitano's analysis is generally in line with those that PolitiFact consulted as well. It’s so rare to hear a bit of sanity on the so-called Fox News Channel, especially when it comes to Arizona lately, that News Hounds would be remiss in not pointing it out.

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