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Beck's Earnings Hit The Stratosphere

Reported by Guest Blogger - May 18, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Aunty Em

The ubiquity of Glenn Beck is well-known: five hours a week on the so-called Fox News Channel you’ll find his Conspiracy-A-Thon Teabagger Special; three hours a day, or 15 hours a week, his Radio Drama Theatre expands and expounds on the tee vee show; he has a couple of different official web sites pimping a variety of ludicrous products or premium services; a myriad of unofficial web sites, either extolling his virtue or comparing him to the anti-Christ; and his various appearances on other shows. Now, Beck will know no earthly bounds, as he’s now signed to Sirius XM as part of its red, white and blue “Patriot” channel, beaming its red, white and blue signal to red, white and blue satellite radios all over red, white and blue ‘Merka.

No wonder Beck’s the $32 Million Dollar Man. He managed to sell to Sirius what he’s already giving away for free on 400 terrestrial radio stations across the country.

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