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Gretchen Carlson’s Hypocrisy Re “Caring” About Beauty Queens’ Opinions

Reported by Priscilla - May 17, 2010 -

In the whacky world of Fox & Friends, not all beauty queens are created equal. They get a seal of approval, along with lots of face and other body parts time, if they espouse good Christian values like opposition to non “opposite” marriage – like poor Carrie Prejean who was so robbed of her title by that evil, librul Perez Hilton and the gay agenda just because she dared to speak her mind. However, if the message of the beauty queen does not jive with the right wing orthodoxy and is articulated poorly, she’s dismissed as a light weight as demonstrated on this morning’s Fox & Friends. And to add insult to injury – the new Miss USA is Arabic and Muslim which makes this whole pageant thing downright un-American – or, as former Miss America Gretchen Carlson (good American Nordic stock) expressed it, a result of the “political correctness” that she so loathes. The new Miss America is the first Arab American and Muslim to win the Miss USA and that obviously isn’t sitting well with the “real” Americans on Fox & Friends who damned her with faint praise – or perhaps praised her with faint damns. Talk about sour and xenophobic grapes….Oh, and the "well informed" runner up said that she supported the Arizona immigration law so life’s a bitch...

H/T Media Matters

Former weather guy Steve Doocy said that Miss Michigan (who is now Miss USA) had “an interesting quote.” She was asked “whether or not your health insurance should cover your birth control medication.” He quoted her: “I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance.” Doocy said that “that answer had some people going uh uh.” The chyron: “Beauty Queen’s Blunder, Called Birth Control A Controlled Substance.” Gretchen dissed the contestants by saying that pageant officials say that most of these women don’t want to go on to be doctors or lawyers but just go on to entertainment so why “why should we, I hate to say it, but in this particular pageant why should we care what they say about certain issues if that’s how they’re going to represent themselves.” But as with poor Christian Carrie, there was another good conservative gal who was robbed. Gretch said “guess who lost, someone with an informed opinion, Miss Oklahoma first runner up, who talked about supporting states rights.” As the chyron read “Standing Up For State’s Rights, Miss Oklahoma Expresses Support For AZ’s Law” Gretch read the quote which obviously made Miss Oklahoma a favorite with the nativist crowd and which obviously matches the views of the Fox & Friends nativists: “I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America. So I think it’s perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law.” In case the nativist Fox & Friends audience didn’t understand what Miss OK said, Gretch explained that she was referring to the Arizona immigration law. Gretch described what the not so subliminal Fox & Friends propaganda point of the day was: “A lot of people are going to parse this today and ask did she lose and become first runner up because she supported the Arizona immigration law and did the Muslim American win because of the PC society that we find ourselves in.” Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade said "you remember Carrie Prejean and how she was excoriated for her answer." (Like we should care, Brian?!) The chyron: "Miss Oklahoma Loses Out, Faced Backlash For Advocating Arizona Law?" (Note use of "Cavuto Mark")

Comment: You just can’t make this stuff up. The Fox friends (or is it fiends?) think that Miss Michigan should not have won because her victory was the result of political correctness because she is Muslim. The current Miss America is a professed Christian – did she get the title because the judges lean Christian? I mean really – Miss USA is the first Muslim and Arab American woman to win the title and it should be noted that Brian Kilmeade did reference this accomplishment at the start of the segement - at which point Carlson said that she didn't watch the pageant because she was watching "Desperate Housewives." But no, they dismiss her victory as the product of political correctness while praising the right wing “correctness” of the woman who was the runner up. Carlson, who described Miss USA’s as intellectual light weights whose opinions shouldn’t be taken seriously, then went on to gush over Miss Oklahoma’s opinion which, coincidentally is the opinion of “right” white, Christian America feeling wronged – the folks whom Fox “News” broadcasts to on a daily basis. Beyond the “gaffe” about “controlled substances,” Miss USA’s point was valid but not one endorsed by the Christian right who want to ban contraception altogether. That contraceptive pills are not covered by all health insurances is, I believe, discriminatory and that’s the point that Miss USA was making. And guess who has this “gaffe” thing and the “states rights” quotes up on her blog – Fox fave and uber nativist Michelle Malkin who would, I suspect, be singing a different tune if the winner had been the first Filipino American to win. (Christian, of course). And let’s talk gaffe. Here’s part of Carrie Prejean’s genius quote which did dovetail nicely with the views of the religious right: “Well, I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other, um, we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage..” Gaffe Alert – Only in certain states can you make that “choice.” But poor Carrie – she was robbed of the title due her because of “political correctness" just like poor Miss Oklahoma who was robbed because of her “well informed” views that we shouldn’t be taking seriously unless, of course, the views are the correct politics. Go figure! Oh, and Gretchen, Jon Stewart sang a song to Bernie Goldberg (and Fox News). You might want to google it and take those words to heart! Here’s the start – “Go F…”