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Gretchen Carlson Says American Flag Is Being “Assaulted”

Reported by Priscilla - May 17, 2010 -

Obviously feeling the sting of politically correct Miss USA pageant judges, who had the effrontery to give the crown to a (gasp) Arab American Muslim, former Miss America Gretchen Carlson needed a jolt of good ole “real” American patriotism to get her back into fighting trim. Thus, she and former weather dude, Steve Doocy did a segment on a town in Pennsylvania that is bedecked with the red, white, and blue. She positively beamed as the mayor of Elderton, PA talked about the flying and the wearing of the flag. But beyond the sheer joy, for Steve and Gretch, there was also the opportunity to work in some right wing Fox & Friends propaganda about how the American flag, like Christmas and Christians, is under attack from nefarious unnamed forces out to destroy truth, justice, and the American Way!!!!!

Doocy began by referencing all the stories that they do, during the year, about “people who have been asked to take down the American flag.” (ah, yes, all those “fair and balanced” presentations of persecuted patriots!) He said that the upcoming story was “a good one.” Gretch continued “that’s because in one town, there are American flags flying high on every single flag pole.” In her best I am so freaking happy voice, she welcomed the mayor of Elderton, PA. Larry Prugh. The visual was a photo of “Mr. Mayor” all duded up in red, white, and blue whilst standing beside some tacky thing that was also sporting the colors. The chyron described the mayor as “proud to be patriotic.” In a voice almost redolent of sensual satisfaction, Gretch said “gotta love your patriotic spirit” and with a huge grin asked if he always dresses in red, white, and blue. The mayor explained that they wanted to line the streets with flags. After Gretch noted that Elderton’s loss of seven during “Desert Storm” was one of the inspirations, she “asked” the Mayor a question: “There seems to be some sort of assault on the American flag happening throughout our country where other towns we’ve reported on, they’ve been forced to” (said breathlessly) “take down their flags.” (Of course, Gretch didn’t provide any specifics as to where and why) "Did you face any backlash in your town?” The mayor said that he didn’t; but those towns that “force” folks to take down their flags are disrespectful of what our soldiers fight and die for.” (Gretch introduced the agit prop and the mayor reinforced it – Goaaaallll!). Doocy said “sure” and then whined about how after 9-11 everybody was flying the flag and that’s not happening anymore. Doocy asked what the mayor would say to those who aren’t flying the flag. Prugh said that when you fly the flag you show respect for those who fought and died…” Patriot Steve chimed in with “well said” and uber patriot Gretchen said “no kidding Mr. Mayor, it just steams me every time I hear” (she paused for effect and shook her pretty blonde head for emphasis) “an American say” (she did a sardonic laugh) “we shouldn’t fly the American flag, seems a little incongruous.”

Comment: Poor Gretchen. Either she’s steamed about something or she’s reporting on something that will “get you steamed.” And speaking of condensation, she certainly drips with phony patriotism. It’s ironic. The chums at Fox & Friends, as part of “America’s newsroom,” aren’t too keen about the ACLU, secularists, minorities, and Muslim American women who win beauty contests – just to name a few of the personae non gratae. But they love Jesus and the American flag. Doesn’t get any better than that!

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"There she is, Miss America
There she is, your ideal
The dreams of a million girls
Who are more than pretty
May come true in Atlantic City
Oh she may turn out to be
The queen of femininity..."