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Fox News Polishes Up Palin’s Policy Cred – With Extra Help From Greta Van Susteren

Reported by Ellen - May 17, 2010 -

For a while, I’ve noticed that Fox News has been going out of their way to help polish Sarah Palin’s policy cred. I don’t know whether Fox News has paid for her team of policy advisors, the way they paid for her in-home television studio, but it’s clear the “fair and balanced” network is doing its darnedest to help develop and promote the wonkish side of Palin, assuming there is one. That effort got an extra boost from Greta Van Susteren Friday night (5/14/10) when Van Susteren sought out Palin’s insights on Greece, the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Gulf Coast oil spill, Palin’s “prescription” for illegal immigration and the federal budget. Where else but on Fox News would anyone spend three segments pretending she knows anything about these subjects? And where else but on Fox News would Palin try to discuss them? With video.

First, Van Susteren gave Palin plenty of time to promote her 2010 electioneering and defend her endorsement of Carly Fiorina.

Then, Van Susteren went on to ask if Palin had “any thoughts” on Kagan’s nomination. “The mainstream media hasn’t delved in and found out” what Kagan’s track record is, Palin complained. “That right there can be a dangerous thing, when we don’t know.” This, just days after Palin made it clear she could not tell the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Van Susteren did point out that Kagan has “a long paper trail” of memos “so I think we’ll learn a lot about her.”

In response, Palin blamed the mainstream media again, this time for saying Kagan doesn’t have a record because she’s never been a judge before. Actually, the media has been reporting on Kagan’s record, just not a judicial record.

You have to wonder, because Van Susteren didn’t, whether Palin has bothered to read up on any of it. However, Palin did admit, “Don’t know anything about her,” when Van Susteren asked if she had made up her mind about Kagan yet. But that didn’t stop Palin from lecturing the rest of the media (as if she’s not part of it) to “dig in there and capitalize on this opportunity to freedom of the press by getting in there, uh, portraying her as she really is and telling the American public what her record is and what her issues have been.”

Judicial analyst Palin added that the real issue is whether or not Kagan would “interpret the Constitution the way that our Founding Fathers have intended it to be interpreted.” That’s the same Constitution that one week earlier, Palin told Bill O’Reilly was based on the “God of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.”

Palin also added that because women are treated differently by the media, it forces “us to articulate our positions even clearer than perhaps some of the other candidates.”


Palin also reiterated urging an Illinois high school basketball team to “rise up” and disrespect their school’s decision not to play in Arizona.

From there, it was a quick segue to discussing the Arizona law which, Palin said, its opponents are using to “divide people.” Did Van Susteren see the ridiculously hypocritical humor in Palin complaining about anyone else being divisive? If so, Van Susteren kept it to herself.

Palin also called President Obama “suspiciously silent” on this issue. She must have missed his statements where he spoke about working with Senators Schumer and Graham on crafting a bipartisan approach for comprehensive immigration reform.

Not that Van Susteren brought that up.

In Part 2, Palin offered her prescription for immigration and opined about why she still supports off shore drilling. Her answer to the oil spill was stricter oversight and making the oil companies comply. “Hold them accountable for any lax (sic) in terms of preventative measures or any lax (sic) in maintenance,” Palin said. Did she have “lax” instead of “lapse” written on her hand?

That prefaced a lengthy dissertation on overseeing oil companies that allowed Palin to boast about her experience with such matters as governor of Alaska. “We’ve gone through all of that. We’ve been a participant in all that… You have to make sure that the oil companies are straight up with you.” She forgot to mention that that experience included quitting halfway through the job.

“Alright, Greece,” Van Susteren said, changing the subject. Predictably, Palin used the subject, not to discuss a prescription for resolving the crisis but to fearmonger that the U.S. is on the same “socialism” path. And when she was not fearmongering, she was on the attack, lecturing President Obama. In a special “web exclusive,” in which Palin continued her charade, she offered her thoughts on what she’d tell Obama if she could sit down with him. “I would love to ask the president, do you get it? Do you see what’s going on (in Europe)?”

“Alright, we don’t have a budget. You were a governor and I assume, deal with budgets in the State of Alaska. Congress doesn’t have a budget yet. Any thought about that?” Van Susteren said.

I wonder if Fox News producers didn’t get a list of subjects Palin had just been tutored on and then instructed Van Susteren to bring them up.

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