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Sarah Palin Urges Students To “Go Rogue” Over Arizona Boycott. Who’s Indoctrinating Students Now?

Reported by Ellen - May 16, 2010 -

Sarah Palin visited America Live with Megyn Kelly Wednesday (5/12/10), to urge the members of a high school basketball team to “go rogue” over their school’s decision not to participate in a tournament in Arizona in protest of the state’s new immigration law. Yet despite Fox Newsobsession with students being "indoctrinated," host Megyn Kelly was full of approval. With video.

Why on earth was Palin sticking her Alaskan nose into an Illinois school dispute over Arizona? I suppose because Palin was visiting Rosemont, Illinois at the time. I can just imagine how tightly that lower lip of hers would be curled with sneering hostility if President Obama were to visit Alaska and insert himself into some dispute over a local schoolboard and, say, the State of California. Nevertheless, Fox News seemed to think it appropriate for their contributor to get involved this way.

Despite the fact that America Live is supposed to be part of Fox News’ “objective” news lineup and not an “opinion” show, Kelly didn’t bother to hide her distaste for the school and her approval of Palin. “You have some advice to these girls who have now been told – not after a meeting with the parents and the administration, but a unilateral decision by – it appears to be the assistant superintendent,” Kelly prompted.

Palin said, “I want these girls to feel empowered and go rogue if they must. Figure out a way to protest the decision like this and figure out a way to get there on their own if it can be done not being sanctioned by the school tournament.”

Again, can you imagine if President Obama or even, say, Al Gore went to Alaska and told a group of students to disregard a school district’s decision while advancing his own political cause?

With an obvious suggestion that the school district was part of the Obama/socialist nexus, Palin sneered that while the district had said Arizona did not share their “beliefs and values” a trip to China indicated that that country did.

Palin, just a Mom looking out for the girls, said, “Keeping the girls off the basketball court for purely political reasons… For me… those were fightin’ words and I said, ‘No. We’re going to do all that we can to shed more light on what this political issue is.’”

What Palin meant was that she was going to shed light on her own political agenda. She did not indicate having made any attempt to contact the school, to contact any of the students or their parents or even to find out more information about why the assistant superintendant had made her decision. Instead, she carried on in defense of the Arizona law. “It’s gonna hurt everybody in Arizona, including the Hispanic community,” Palin said. “The problem is, how are we gonna secure our borders? Keeping girls off the basketball court has nothing to do with the solution we need to find.”

Neither does grandstanding on television but Kelly didn’t seem to notice. She gushed, “You know a thing or two about politics, not to mention playing basketball… As somebody who’s been …on the court, shooting hoops, put it in perspective for us.”

Palin opined, “I think what these girls are gonna find as they grow up and enter real life and family and in career, they’re gonna find that everything they needed to know, they will have learned on the basketball court.” So that's why Palin can't tell the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence - she didn't learn it on a basketball court!

Their deep concern for the girls' team notwithstanding, Kelly and Palin managed to find enough time to work in some attacks on President Obama for disapproving of the Arizona law. “Do you think there will be political fallout… for the Democrats, for President Obama and those who support him, if they go after this law?” Kelly innocently “asked.”

Not only did Palin think so, she took the opportunity to smear Obama and Democrats - while showing off her punditry cred. “Absolutely… People need to ask, why attempt to grind down a state’s economy? This is a ridiculous remedy for those who evidently want status quo with a porous border that is an economic and law enforcement problem for our sister states along the border. If people really want to help on this issue, they need to hammer away at President Obama, telling him to do his job… These non-citizens will never reach the American dream that they strive for in their desire for freedom and prosperity and opportunity unless there is that immigration reform that President Obama and the White House refuses to tackle. If they want to help, they need to send that message to our president.”

I say, people need to hammer away at Sarah Palin and Fox News. You can contact Palin via Facebook or by Tweeting her at SarahPalinUSA. And while you’re at it, feel free to contact Megyn Kelly at kelly@foxnews.com or Tweet her at MegynKelly.

PS When checking out Palin’s Twitter page, I noticed she stole Obama’s “fired up, ready to go” slogan.

UPDATE: It looks as though Palin's "Go rogue" advice went unheeded. The team is planning to go to Florida instead of Arizona.

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