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Neil Cavuto Insists Arizona Immigration Law Is Not Discriminatory

Reported by Guest Blogger - May 16, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Neil Cavuto debated California State Senator Darrel Steinberg last week (5/12/10) about the City of Los Angeles’ boycott of Arizona over its new immigration law. Cavuto continually interrupted his guest, treated him condescendingly and went on to belittle California because LA has decided to boycott over the bill. Steinberg handled himself admirably. With video.

Steinberg told Cavuto, "I think people's conscience have a responsibility to stand up and to work against a law that is, by definition, discriminatory, unconstitutional."

Cavuto interrupted. "Well, how is it discriminatory?"

Darrel "Oh, here we go... I was on your show a few weeks ago. The law, of course, allows law enforcement in Arizona to stop someone because the color of their skin is brown."

Cavuto interrupted again. "No. No, as I told you then, and I hope… you had a chance to read the law… Did you ever see race or profiling mentioned?"

"Of course not,” Steinberg said. “Because they’re not that overt about it. But the way law is interpreted matters as well. There's no question that the color of one's skin can be the basis for stopping somebody."

After reading an excerpt from the law, Cavuto said, "Nowhere does it say ‘pull over somebody by the basis of their skin color.’ …In the course of pulling someone over for speeding or a broken taillight… (if) someone doesn't have the proper paperwork or license, something that could apply to me if I were speeding or didn’t have a taillight, …then they could quite properly then want proof of that. But that does not mean that the basis of my skin of color or anyone else’s skin or color was what motivated this stuff."

Steinberg countered, "But Neil, if you are stopped on the side of an Arizona road and you don’t have your license, I guarantee you you will not be asked for your immigration papers for one reason, you’re white."

Cavuto ridiculed the notion that with California in so much financial trouble, it’s bothering with “this little sideshow” of Arizona’s immigration law. California “would do business with Ahmadinejad if it had a shot…You just cut off your nose to spite your face."

"When you see an injustice against another group of people, you stand up," Steinberg said.

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