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Is Bill O’Reilly Obsessed With Miley Cyrus?

Reported by Priscilla - May 15, 2010 -

Aging conservative Catholic, “traditionalist” Bill O’Reilly does seem to have a penchant for voyeurism - as seen by the “prurient” content of much of Bill’s show which focuses on sexual behavior and imagery – complete with the videos of scantily clad women. Bill, of course, does some of these “reports” in the “context” of his need to expose this naughty behavior and scold whoever is responsible. Other stories, related to bodacious bootay, are done in the “context” of either praising the exposed pulchritude or discussing, with his female “culture warriors,” the back story to the “exposure.” Bill’s love of the sexy extends into his “patriots” and “pinheads” segment in which he praises those he admires (like those “patriot” ladies who dress in red, white, and blue bikinis) and “pinheads” which is a vehicle for Bill to insult those whom he does not admire. Sometimes, the “pinhead” award has nothing to do with an insult but rather an opportunity for Bill to show more soft-core. He lets the viewer decide on the designation. But one famous young female entertainer seems to have caught Bill’s roving eye; and as such, she has been featured on a number of segments including “pinheads and patriots.” Last night her parents won the “pinhead” award for their daughter’s sexy behavior seen on a video which O’Reilly played. America’s Daddy’s attention, given to the 17 year old Miley Cyrus, while not exactly “stalking,” borders on really creepy.

After Miley Cyrus had her photo done by the great Annie Liebovitz, for Vanity Fair, there was talk, in the prude community, of how that photo was “racy” and inappropriate given Cyrus’ age. Naturally Bill was on it and did two segments – one a report, with photo, about how this was a source of bad publicity for Cyrus. He followed this up with a “Back of the Book” segment in which he discussed, with Fox’s business anchor and Lea Goldman of Marie Claire Magazine, how this move could ruin Miley’s career. Two months later, in June of 2008, Bill managed to find internet photos of Miley Cyrus in which she exposed a small sliver of her bra. Bill used the visuals to opine that the former clean teen had fallen from grace. Naturally, he showed the pics. Mary Katherine Ham didn’t think they were that risqué; but Bill seemed to think that she was quite the slut with her teasy, peak a boo, thing(Did Bill get “teased?” – ewww!). Bill was “concerned” that these photos would hurt her career because she would not longer be seen as a role model. In November of 2008, Bill labeled Ellen DeGeneres a “pinhead” because she interviewed Miley Cyrus. Despite his having run a lengthy clip of the interview, Bill, who had already “covered” Ms. Cyrus’ private life, said that Ellen was a “pinhead” for revealing Ms. Cyrus “private life.” In December 2009, he castigated a Miley Cyrus stalker as a “pinhead,” despite saying that Cyrus “had made a few mistakes, what teenager hasn’t.”

Cyrus received a “patriot award” in January of 2009, despite her “tarnished image” from “provocative pictures she allowed to be taken,” and “details about her social life.” The “award” was because she did a concert for a woman with breast cancer. She received another “patriot” award, in October of 2009, despite her having “acted older than her age,” because “she does nice things such as raising money for children with cancer.” Bill was feeling all warm and fuzzy about Cyrus in November of 2009 when he bestowed a “pinhead” award to Jamie Foxx who made snarky comments about Cyrus. Bill said that Cyrus’ mom was a “patriot” for imposing credit card limits on her daughter. Miley received another “patriot” award in March of this year, despite her being “controversial for conduct that might be inappropriate for her age,” for warning teens about the dangers of the internet.

But Cyrus did get a little media spanking, in August of 2009, from Papa Bill over her “pole dance” video. After playing part of the video, he described her dance as risqué and referenced her “short pants.” Flash forward to last night’s “Pinheads and Patriots” when Ms. Cyrus was given a “wag of the finger” from America’s Daddy. Bill reported on a new cell phone video, which has surfaced, of Miley Cyrus “freak (lap) dance,” at a movie wrap party, when she was 16. Bill issued a “viewer warning” before he (natch) played the video. Bill looked a little upset (was he jealous?) when he said she “did a little dance number with a 44 year old man.” He played the video and said “I think most of us would agree everyone involved with that, including Ms. Cyrus' parents, are pinheads” and “we gotta have some standards here – a 16 year old girl and a 44 year old man.” (That comment not contained in the transcript)

Comment: If anybody is a “pinhead” it’s the 44 year old who allowed Miley to do her thing. As a parent, Bill should realize that teenagers are sometimes beyond the command of their parents – but, no – Bill smears Miley’s parents as pinheads. And standards – how bout a nationally known right wing “traditionalist” bloviator who was accused of sexually harassing his producer? Yeah, real standards there! It's ironic that Bill said that a Miley Cyrus stalker was a pinhead because Bill O’Reilly seems very interested in this young woman. Obsession is more than just a perfume! 61 year old top rated conservative TV talker and a 17 year old girl – we gotta have some standards here!

BTW - The anagram for "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity" is "a shameful, bona fide hypocrite."