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Glenn Beck Stands Up For Miranda Rights – Because The Radical, Socialist Obama Administration Is Out To Silence Him

Reported by Ellen - May 15, 2010 -

A lot has been made about Glenn Beck standing up for the Constitution and for the Miranda rights of U.S. citizens, even for the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad. After all, he’s probably the only anchor on “we like America” Fox News to actually insist that the Constitution be followed and enforced. But before you get too warm and fuzzy about Beck as Great American, take a look at his less-than-adorable reasoning on The O’Reilly Factor last night (5/14/10). Sneak preview: “Nipple clamps go back on if we are 24 hours away and we think a bomb is going off…” And don’t forget Cass Sunstein! He and the Obama administration are “setting up the American people” to silence Glenn Beck and other critics! Bill O’Reilly was less than credulous: “I’m still yappin’ and so are you!” With video.

“Beck, you are in big trouble,” Bill O’Reilly joked at the beginning of the segment, referring to the fact that the “far left” has started “liking you, liking you.”

Well, I would not go that far. But maybe Beck did. Because no sooner had O’Reilly played a clip of Jon Stewart saying that Beck had been “far more reasonable” than Sen. John McCain, than Beck began doing his darnedest to distance himself from anyone remotely progressive, liberal or Democratic.

“That was early in the morning,” Beck joked, referring to his appearance on Fox & Friends where the discussion occurred. But then he added, “I couldn’t believe that (being stripped of Miranda rights) that’s even a possibility… (for) a citizen.”

“When does a citizen become guilty? I thought we had to prove that,” Beck said, still sounding reasonable.

But then Beck added, “Look, I am all for Jack Bauer. Nipple clamps go back on if we are 24 hours away and we think a bomb is going off…”

Beck was really off to the conspiracy-theory races now. “You’ve got a government right now who is saying that the Tea Party goers are terrorists and everybody else… You ask this question of yourself. Why, all of a sudden are the usual suspects that are ‘No, no, no torture. No, we’ve got try the hairy bad guy here in New York, We’ve got to give these guys cupcakes when we bring them over here.’ Why (are the same people considering revoking terrorists' Miranda rights)?”

“Because popular opinion’s against them!” O’Reilly argued.

“You have Cass Sunstein…” Beck began. He surely would have worked in Van Jones if O’Reilly had not interrupted him. “They are setting up the American people!” Beck got out.

O’Reilly shot him down. “What’s the conspiracy of the day? …What are they setting us up for?”

Beck shook his head in disbelief that O’Reilly couldn’t see it. “There is not a conspiracy here… They are already talking about silencing free speech.”

“I’m not buying it,” O’Reilly said. “I am still yappin’ and so are you! We’re still yappin’.”

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