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Gretchen Carlson Lets Bill Donohue Rant About “Little Preppy Boys” Snubbing Mother Teresa

Reported by Priscilla - May 14, 2010 -

Yesterday, the Fox News website published an article which reported on how the evil, librul Empire State Building managers, are “snubbing” Mother Teresa because they don’t want to light up the building, in blue and white, to honor Ma Teresa’s birthday. The article was written by Jeff Shapiro who is the national organizer of “Honor Freedom,” a group which seeks to “Correct the historical record by dispelling fallacies about President Bush.” Shapiro is really pissed, as shown by his lengthy rant about how the Empire State honored the anniversary of the “evil” Chinese commies by lighting up the Empire State in red and yellow yet aren’t interested in Mother Teresa. So are we surprised that Fox News would provide a platform for yet another rant from the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue who now can add another outrage to his list. Move over Hollywood Jews and gays – Bill has something new to froth over! But not to worry, Fox & Friends has his back by helping to promote Bill’s petition to wrong this right. Catholic Jesus must love Fox News.

This morning, former Miss America and good Christian, Gretchen Carlson, introduced this latest blasphemy which “might get you steamed.” (“Christians” who watch Fox & Friends must be squeaky clean with all that steam generated!) Not surprisingly she mentioned how the building was lit up for “Communist China.” (Doesn’t Murdoch’s broadcasting empire extend to “Communist China?”) She introduced the homophobic and anti-Semitic Bill Donohue (a divorced Catholic, tsk, tsk,) who is always steamed about some perceived offense to Catholicism (cept for pedophilia in the priesthood which he blames on gays). Gretch explained that Bill sent in an application to the Empire State building for the Mother Teresa honor because he saw that she was being honored by a commemorative stamp. She said “what a fantastic idea.” Bill said that it was appropriate for him, as a “Catholic leader,” to do this. (Note – Donohue is not an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church. He is the “leader” of a small organization which panders to conservative Catholics and which includes right wing zealots like Brent Bozell.) Carlson said that he was denied with no explanation. He then ranted about how unfair it was that the Chinese Revolution was honored, despite the number of deaths cause by Mao, and Mother Teresa gets squat. Gretch asked what he thought the reason was.

Ready for it – “it’s bigotry.” He quickly escalated, as he is prone to do, (all he needs is a nun’s habit and a ruler…but I digress) and blathered about how they won’t speak to the press, “it’s not a scheduling conflict…” All he needed were some erasers to throw when he yelled “we live in a country where when it’s on the right it’s a dictatorship which we should condemn and I will too; but if it’s on the left, there’s no enemies on the left, that’s the way the liberals think. There’s an air of bigotry in this country against Christians and against Catholics in particular.” He shouted “If I am wrong, then let somebody like Anthony Malkin who owns the Empire State Building, to go on television and explain the reason.” Gretch asked him about his petition to get Mother Teresa up in lights. He said that “the very first day, he got 6,000 people.” Indulging in the type of narcissistic fantasy that his fellow aging right wing, Irish American Catholic, bloviator, Bill O’Reilly gets into, Bill D said that “he has turned thousands of people in the streets before.” He blithered about Mother Teresa’s acheviments (simmer down, Bill). He said that his group will be contacting city politicians, Congress, the people of India, and Catholic schools about this matter. He said that “they don’t know what they’re dealing with – these little preppy boys over at the Empire State Building.” (“Preppy Boys” – “WTF?”) On cue, Gretch asked how folks could help. Bill then instructed them to log onto the Catholic League’s website to sign the petition and send an e-mail to a woman (?!) at the Empire State Building. Gretch said “it’s always great to see you.”

Comment: It’s all just so surreal……