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Fox Prayer Warriors, Brian Kilmeade & Steve Doocy, Say Prayer Is Under Attack!

Reported by Priscilla - May 14, 2010 -

Fox & Friends, as America’s premiere morning Christian show, does love persecuted Christians. Today’s persecuted Christian segment was a report on how the nasty, bad, evil “ACLU and others” are suing over the issue of prayer before city council meetings. God’s BFF’s at Fox & Friends stand ready to smite the secular enemy and did so in, yet another, biased “report” aimed squarely below the Bible belt.

The piece opened with a video of a man at a podium who was talking about the goodness of the heavenly father whose name was being called upon. Good Christian Brian Kilmeade said “Wow, it’s been happening for years; but now prayers at city council meetings in Lancaster, California are under attack.” Agitprop Chyron #1 – “Preying On Prayer, CA Town Being Sued Over City Council Prayers.” He added that the bi-monthly prayers are “under scrutiny by the ACLU and others and are now the subject of a lawsuit…” Former weather guy and good Christian Steve Doocy introduced the mayor of the town, R. X. Parris.Doocy reiterated how the opening prayers are a long standing tradition. He mentioned that 75% of the residents support prayers and asked, while making a funny face, who filed the lawsuit which says,“ya just shouldn’t do that.” Parris said that he put it on the ballot and 75% voted for prayers. He named the president of the Jewish Defense League (who hopefully won’t be getting death threats from the good “Christians” who watch “Fox & Friends) who filed the lawsuit. He smeared the attorney handling the case in claiming that he also represents the pornography industry and stated “I don’t think that’s an accident.” (Oh, snap, it’s a conspiracy of porno prayer protesters). But seriously, that's relevant how? Agitprop Chyron #2 – “Silencing Christianity, Suit To Stop Prayers Before CA Town Meetings.” (Oh, so these are Christian prayers at a public event!) Good Christian R.X. Parris said that “until they arrest me,” the prayers will be continued because they are fighting this and “nothing is going to stop us.” (So STFU, Jews and “others”). Doocy read the statement from the attorney involved in the lawsuit which addressed the mixing of politics and religion. Doocy, not an attorney, said that the problem with this argument is that the US House of Representatives opens its sessions with a prayer. Parris was forced to admit that Doocy’s simplistic argument was “a little more involved” because they want to prohibit them from using the name “Jesus Christ.” (So STFU, Jews and “others”) He noted that it was their “belief” that whoever is praying at the meeting should pray to their own divinity. (Oh, snap, if a Muslim prayers to Allah, you’re cool with that!) When he said that they had a Sikh minister who prayed before a meeing, Kilmeade raised his arms as if to say what’s wrong with that. When Parris asserted that “the important thing is to recognize the humility we have in seeking guidance…” Kilmeade said “gotcha.” Kilmeade closed with “R.X. Parris, point made. Fighting hard to get his way and just doing what everybody else, the 75% if your constituents want.”

Comment: So if 75% of a community wants to have slavery or child labor, then that’s fine? I thought that conservatives like Doocy and Kilmeade believe in the Constitution - which clearly states that “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Praying to the Christian Jesus does seem to be at odds with that. Parris did not mention that both a Christian and a Jewish woman filed the complaint. Neither Parris nor the Fox altar boys said that the attorney (who was smeared by good Christian Parris) challenged a similar practice in Burbank, in 2000, and won a state appellate decision saying the practice violated the First Amendment. But details like that would get in the way of the persecuted Christian narrative so beloved on Fox & Friends. Never mind the War on Christmas – there’s a war on Christians happening and Fox & Friends are in front lines of the not so heavenly hosts!

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