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O’Reilly And Morris Spin Their Conspiracy Theories About Hillary Clinton in 2012

Reported by Ellen - May 13, 2010 -

Bill O'Reilly put his head together with Dick Morris last night to figure out whether Hillary Clinton had taken a jab at President Obama during her 60 Minutes interview over the weekend and whether that signaled that she planned to challenge Obama for the nomination in 2012. It was a slender enough thread that O’Reilly had plucked from Clinton’s interview. But why on earth he didn’t consult someone like Karl Rove, who was on the show in an earlier segment, I’ll never quite understand. Morris is the guy who wrote a book about the 2008 election called Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race and he’s the guy who predicted that Clinton’s 22-point lead in the polls in her 2006 Senate race indicated she was in trouble. Those were just two of Morris’ many erroneous predictions and very dubious “analyses.” With video.

The statement that made O’Reilly’s ears prick up was when Clinton said in the interview, “You’ve got countries who are explicitly saying to me in private, ‘Well, look, we always look to you because you had this great economy. And now look. You’re in the ditch. And you’ve dragged other people into the ditch.’ And I happen to believe it’s one of the critical challenges before us. Our nation has to be strong fiscally at home in order for us to be strong abroad.”

“What’s the Secretary of State doing running down the U.S. economy?” O’Reilly asked. He did acknowledge he could have misinterpreted her intent.

Morris said he thought it likely that Obama would lose Congress, that it was possible his ratings would “crater into the 20’s and 30’s,” and that that would create an opening for Clinton. Morris added, sarcastically, that if a grassroots movement for another candidate came about, Clinton’s sense of “integrity and loyalty would preclude a candidacy.” He meant she’d be on it quicker than you can say “fair and balanced."

Morris went on to predict, “Obama is going to face… the biggest wipeout any president has ever faced in an off-year election... We are not just talking about taking control of both Houses of Congress. We are talking about the virtual obliteration of an entire generation…of Democratic politicians. And this party is going to be in terrible shape.” Apparently, that would be good news for Clinton.

Morris continued, “I think that there’s a subtle distancing going on.” He claimed that because Clinton did not “lead the charge” for Obama’s health care reform or on the economy, that indicated she was allowing Obama to “take the fall” in those areas. Morris waved off O’Reilly’s point that, as Secretary of State, health care and the economy were completely out of her purview.

O’Reilly said he created the segment because “it just hit me (when he was watching 60 Minutes) because I know how much Hillary Clinton wants to be president. She wants to be president more than you want your book to sell five million copies. That’s a lot. She REALLY wants to be president. And I don’t think she’s got the patience to wait.”

Nobody pointed out that Clinton has stated unequivocally that she does not plan to run for president again. I guess what she says doesn’t count next to what these two “know” about her.

Morris reiterated his theory that when Obama collapses, that will be Clinton’s opening. He added that when Obama had appointed Clinton Secretary of State, “I said, ‘You’re Lyndon Johnson putting Bobby Kennedy in the cabinet.”

“Interesting,” O’Reilly said.

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