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Fox News Website Headline, Re Reaction To Arizona Immigration Law, Is Cavuto Marked?

Reported by Priscilla - May 13, 2010 -

As described by Jon Stewart, The "Cavuto Mark," named after Fox's Neil Cavuto, is a way for Fox News to transform any statement, no matter how outrageous, into a simple, seemingly fair, question. It is frequently used on Fox "News" as a clever propaganda tool which conveys whatever message that Fox seeks to communicate, in a short "bite," to its audience. Rather than making the propaganda point a statement of fact, the chyron, accompanying a news or opionion piece, frames it as a question - a "Cavuto Mark." The "Cavuto Marked" question thus reinforces whatever point that Fox seeks to establish as fact when it is, in fact, their opinion. The medium is truly the message here. The latest bit of outrage, in the right wing community which Fox serves, is that poor Arizona is taking an economic hit over their strict new immigration law which is seen, by many, as an excuse for racial profiling. Hence, as a sign of opposition to this new law, government agencies and private businesses from other states are not taking their business to Arizona. Unlike Bill O'Reilly's boycott of France, the boycotts of Arizona are adversely affecting Arizona. The Fox News website asks, in the form of a Cavuto Mark "Has Immigration Protest Gone Over The Top?" Obviously the Fox News message is that it has!

Notice that the photo is of an illegal alien climbing over the border wall - an image sure to get the Fox audience agitated. So as propaganda, this is a two-fer!