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O’Reilly Loses It Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg And Eric Holder

Reported by Ellen - May 12, 2010 -

I don’t know what got into Bill O’Reilly’s coffee Monday (5/10/10). But in a discussion ostensibly about the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, he went on an unjustified tear against Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Eric Holder, accusing Ginsburg of not caring “one whit” about the Constitution and Holder of not giving “a fig” about justice. It left his guest, the conservative Brit Hume all but speechless. With video.

Unfortunately, my recorder failed so I don’t have video of the complete segment, but thanks to Media Matters, I’ve got the two most relevant pieces.

First, O’Reilly attacked Ginsburg. O’Reilly wasted little time before launching his attack against Ginsburg. “With all due respect to the Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t care one whit about the Constitution of the United States, not one whit. All she wants is to impose her vision of social justice on every single American and she’ll find a way to vote liberal on every single issue… I can prove it all day long.”

Next, O’Reilly attacked Holder. He blew up at the recollection that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder read the Christmas bomber Miranda rights and has now softened that stance in the wake of the Times Square bomb. O’Reilly sputtered, “I want to know the truth about the Attorney General of the United States, Hume! …I think he’s a liberal zealot. I think he’s a lot like Ruth Bader Ginsburg – he doesn’t give a fig about justice. He just brings his ideology into the marketplace and this is what I object to… I don’t think Holder’s thinking long term about how to protect the United States.”

With all due respect to Bill O’Reilly, I don’t think he gives a fig about being a responsible moderator and only wants to make sure his ideology gets brought into the marketplace. I don’t think he’s thinking long term about what kind of dialogue might be good for the United States.

To her credit, Megyn Kelly slapped down O’Reilly over his attacks on Ginsburg last night (5/11/10).

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