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Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Covers Restoration Of “Grace” Before Meals – Oh, Thank God!

Reported by Priscilla - May 12, 2010 -

As America’s premiere morning Christian fellowship show, Fox & Friends wastes no opportunity to showcase persecuted Christians and, praise be, persecuted Christians who have been vindicated. Earler this week, Fox Radio’s uber culture warrior, Todd Starnes, whose “reports” are the source for a number of articles on Fox’s uber culture warrior site, “Fox Nation,” reported that visitors, at a Georgia senior citizen center, were told to stop saying “grace” which Starnes described as a “common” Christian tradition. This outrage was done by those evil folks who provided the meals because they felt that because these meals were provided by federal dollars, there was a church state issue and as such, “grace” would be inappropriate. Well, praise the Lord and pass the grits and gravy. Good Christian Steve Doocy informs us that “grace” has been restored – but that didn’t stop Fox & Friends from using the opportunity to promote their relentless persecuted Christian meme.

Good Christian “Mister Happy” Doocy said the seniors “had their prayers answered” because the city reversed the no grace policy. Agitprop chyron with “praying hands” graphic – “Seniors No Longer Silenced, Center Reverses Ban On Prayer Before Meals.” Doocy said it was a “stunning about face.” He introduced the mayor of the city and a senior who is a “frequent visitor” to the center. In his best puzzled clown voice, while making a funny face, Doocy wanted to know “who said in the beginning that if the center was taking federal funds for meals…who said that…” He, again, made the funny face. The mayor explained that it was the company which provided the meals. The mayor said he was appalled. Agitprop chyron: “Right to Spirituality Restored, Prayer Reinstituted at Senior Center.” (Uh, prayer and spirituality aren’t the same – cept in America’s Christian newsroom). Doocy wanted to know what the senior citizen thought when he was told he couldn’t pray. Preston Blackwelder said that he was angry and realized that something had to be done. Good Christian Doocy said “sure.” Blackwelder said “we just can’t take it anymore.” Fellow Jesus BFF, Doocy, said “I don’t blame ya, a lot of people pray before they have a meal.” The mayor discussed how he consulted with his attorney but that he finally got the OK from the Georgia Division on Aging to make the change. Doocy read a comment from the group providing the meals which stated that they were pleased about the decision. When Doocy said that Preston would be able to pray today, Preston said “you bet your life we will.” Doocy said “I don’t blame you.”

Comment: So seniors got their “grace” back. Who cares? Obviously Fox & Friends which needs to continue the Fox media saturation on the narrative of persecuted Christians. Bless us oh Lord, for these thy gift of Fox & Friends.