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Culture Warrior Sandy Rios Hearts Megyn Kelly – But Not In A Slutty Way!

Reported by Priscilla - May 12, 2010 -

Ya gotta laugh. Here’s Megyn Kelly, who is part of Rupert Murdoch’s page three mostly blonde legs and cleavage “news” network, which constantly played sweet, Christian, almost most USA strutting her stuff in a teensie, weeny, white bikini, doing a “news” segment about whether Christine Aquilera’s newest video is obscene. And because she’s part of the “fair and balanced” part of Fox “news,” she discussed this with right wing Christian Sandy Rios, chairperson of some kind of right wing culture club and (surprise, surprise) a Fox News contributor. Thing is the video is the kind of thing that young Republicans were paying big bucks for.

Megyn Kelly, who has legs and knows how to use them, began by voicing what “some say” – that Christine Aguillar is trying to take a page from Lady Gaga. She asked her guest, Sandy Rios, to elaborate on Rios’ contention that this is “quite dangerous.” I don’t think that this video has been seen by millions – yet, Sandy claimed “it’s affecting all of our culture.” She talked about how she overheard a conversation between two girls, at the Chicago Cubs game, in which the word “bitch” was used. (Mon Dieu!). She claimed that today’s girls just want to be slutty with their language and the way they look. Kelly described the video as the ultimate in young Republican fantasy –“bondage and leatherware” (your typical Bill O'Reilly "Culture Warrior" video) and described (oh, talk to us Megyn, yes, YES) “lingerie clad women fondling one another.” She played a clip of Aquilera talking about how her son needs to understand that women express themselves sexually and then repeated Aquilera’s words. Rios, who obviously was asleep during the dust up about the “family values” RNC being billed for fun at a lesbian bondage themed nightclub, said that the most shocking thing was the woman on woman action - which she thinks is worse than man on man. She then said “and now we’ve got group sex” which “blew her away.” Rios said that simulating sex has an affect which isn’t consistent with being a good parent." She referenced Aquilera’s comment about how you can be a good mother and still be beautiful and sexy which segued into something more personal and (to my taste) a little creepy: “there is no one that I know in America that’s any more beautiful and sexy than Megyn Kelly. If you can have a little baby at home and then present yourself in a professional way that you do, the lady that you are, that’s not sexy?”

She criticized how, in the popular culture, sexuality is about showing off the whole body and asked if “that’s embracing our sexuality.” She blithered something about sex behind the camera. Megyn brought up the sexy shots of Miss USA and said the debate was about the definition of sexy. Rios said that sexy is keeping yourself for somebody that you’ve committed yourself too. Kelly laughed as she said “you gotta earn it.”

Comment: “You gotta earn it.” Nuff said!