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Fox & Friends Ask If Comedy Central Is Causing A “Religious Ruckus”

Reported by Priscilla - May 10, 2010 -

Not to be outdone by the super Christians on the weekday edition of Fox & Friends, the weekend crew tried to establish its Christian bona fides yesterday, with a segment about nasty Comedy Central which censored references to Mohammed yet is proposing a show which would feature a cartoon Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly, the Fox Catholic “chaplain,” Father Jonathan Morris, the only clergy utilized as a contributor, provided a little sermonette on this issue that Megyn Kelly, of Fox “News,” already gave the official Fox spin to – “double standard” in the unfair treatment of Christians while Muslims get a free pass – and reinforced it. Gotta love the Fox propaganda machine which knows the value of reinforcing the message.

Second Stringer, Clayton Morris, provided the Fox message – in the form of a question of course: “Is Comedy Central causing another religious ruckus?” He provided the backstory of how, as a result of death threats, received over the portrayal of Mohammed, South Park was censored. He emphasized that the Comedy Central show is only in the planning stages. (Hmm, did he see my thread about Megyn Kelly stating that this show was “on course” to be aired?) Father Jonathan seemed a bit agitated and, in his imitable dramatic way, talked about how those doing comedy say that its nature is uncomfortable. He speculated that if there were comedy about how the Obamas are getting a divorce over infidelity, “you’d say whoa, we don’t do that.” He used another example: “if the Torah was a medieval invention that was made up by some crazed Zionist…” (I guess the good padre isn’t a fan of Woody Allen and Larry David, both of whom lampoon Judaism). After these bizarre “examples” of things that “could be” humorous, Morris said, “You don’t do that.” (I guess Fr. Morris was too young to be watching comedy when the Lewinsky scandal provided fodder for late night comedy). The chyron was strange: “Tempting Faith, Jesus Christ, the Cartoon.” (Do folks at Fox think that faith of Christians is so weak that they will be seduced away from the faith by watching cartoon depictions of Jesus?) He asserted that “some comedy is not appropriate.” (Hmmm, should we start an “index of forbidden comedy?”)

Alysin Camerota provided the (ready for it) second message for the day and one which Megyn Kelly started: “Isn’t the problem the huge double standard. Mohammed is off limits, they’ll censor that; but Christ is not.” (In April, Fox Nation had a thread "South Park Mocks Jesus, Why Not Islam?") She asked Father Morris if that bothers him. Fr. Morris did the perfunctory “they got censored because they got death threats” but added the caveat that they should be self censoring and that entertainment should have “certain standards.” Fr. Morris predicted that “they will lose on this one because they’re going after the center of Christianity.” (Does Morris know that Jesus is a recurring character on South Park?) Father Morris then provided a little message about Mothers Day.

Comment: What does Father Morris think about the “humor” of radical right wing diva and Fox fave Ann Coulter who “jokes” about carpet bombing Islamic countries? What does Father Morris think about the type of character assassination done by the Fox “opinion” gurus? This proposed comedy show is barely off the drawing boards – but the good Christians at Fox are already using it to perpetuate the culture war by impugning South Park and the entertainment industry in general and they’re bringing their resident Catholic priest into the mix. ( This is just a redux of the old McCarthy “Hollywood Jews” smear – oh, wait – Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League still thinks that way! My Bad) Anyway, did you hear the one about the Catholic priest who kneels at the feet of Fox News?